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  1. Hi I created a simple game with tilesprite that emitates moving world and a simple mummy animation from example of phaser. I compiled it with cocoonjs 2.1.1 and it is not smooth at all. Many glitches. Am I doing something wrong or this is how fast cocoonjs is? Cheers, Robert
  2. Ha did it. collide should be in update function
  3. I got something like this, and it doesn't work. this.emitter.makeParticles('ball'); this.emitter.gravity = 1200; this.emitter.minParticleSpeed.set(-200, -200); this.emitter.maxParticleSpeed.set(600, 600); this.blow = false; this.physics.arcade.enable(this.platform); this.physics.arcade.collide(this.emitter, this.platform); //this.platform.body.immovable = true; this.platform.body.allowGravity = false; any idea how to make it collide with the platform?
  4. Yeah, I tried many options non of them worked... I will post my code when I'll get back home...
  5. Hi I want to create a particles that burst and collide with a floor (static body object) I've tried different thing bot non of that worked. How I can do that. Can someone provide some simple example? Cheers, Robert
  6. Hi yall, I want to make particles explosion but in one direction. All examples now just create particles that flow in every direction and gravity pulls them down. But I want to create same thing but that all particles are lowing right or left. How I can do that? I didn't find any property on emitter. Cheers, Robert
  7. Did you guys tried to compile official cocoonjs and phaser tempalte: It doesn't work on my android, black screen only. Someone had the same problem?
  8. likon

    cocoonjs + phaser

    Hmm I compiled it with CocoonJS run it abut I have a black screen on my android... Did I do something wrong?
  9. Hi What is the best resolution I should start building my game with so it would look ok on all modern devices? Full HD maybe a problem when runnning on iphone 5, and scaling images in the game may take to many resources. What aproach is the best? Cheers, Robert
  10. likon

    cocoonjs + phaser

    Thanks, I'm starting with phaser than
  11. likon

    cocoonjs + phaser

    Hi. I'm new to phaser. I'm looking for a good framework to work nice with cocoonjs. Is phaser works nice with it or there are some obstacles that I should know about? Cheers, Rob