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  1. Hello everyone! Gamezop is a startup based out of India. We make, aggregate and publish games. Most of our early partners are consumer-internet businesses / telecos globally to whom we provide HTML5 games. Some of them want to let their users play our games within their apps and have now been asking us for an Android SDK to ease the integration process. Some of the things this SDK would do are: Interact with our API to fetch data and populate views in the app Run the game in a robust webview Enable offline access Send notifications to users, etc. You've all been in the space for long and must have interacted with various HTML5 game publishers. I was hoping to understand if you know any other publishers who offer an Android SDK to their partners. We would love to speak with them and use their SDK to understand the dos and donts for an SDK of this sort. Thanks! Yashash PS: We are also looking to license games. Shoot me a mail on y@gamezop.co if you have any games you want us to see
  2. @GreenishFlow Hello there! We're looking to have people join us in New Delhi. Let's connect on mail and explore options in detail. I'm on y@gamezop.com
  3. Hello there I'm a co-founder at Gamezop. Gamezop is a platform for super-casual games. We source games from indie developers around the world and help them with monetization and distribution. We also build fantastic games in-house. We distribute games through various telecom operators and content publishers around the world over multiple revenue models. We also have a showcase app that can be accessed here. We recently closed our seed round of funding from marquee angels in India and the US (more in the links below!). We're looking to add a Game Developer with good HTML5 game development experience to our team. We are based in New Delhi, India. You can find out more about the opening here. Feel free to reach out to me on y@gamezop.com with any questions. Cheers! Yashash In the news: Forbes | Tech in Asia | CNBC | Yahoo! | ET
  4. Yashash

    Slack Team!

    Hello everyone! I thought it'll be cool to have a Slack community for all of us. So I made one! Please send your personal emails or domains to me! Would love to add everyone We're a startup based out of India and are building an app-based platform for H5 games! The Slack link is h5gamedevs.slack.com I'm on y@gamezop.co. Look forward to seeing you there Best Yashash
  5. Do reach out at y@gamezop.co
  6. Love the game! The lags are a little irritating, as you mentioned yourself. But simple and fun, otherwise. The line that the ball leaves behind is a little boring just now. Maybe adding some animations there, or adding a little bit of curves when the ball changes direction may be interesting.
  7. Unable to play it with adblocker on. Maybe you could display a message to turn off the adblocker. I didnt know why I was unable to play the game. Had to try a couple of tweaks before I figured it was the adblocker. Also, absolutely love the game. However, I think it'd be even better if it was better optimised for mobile. Right now, the grid looks good on a desktop, but looks stretched on the phone.
  8. We all know that people are playing our games more on mobile than ever before. One of the primary benefits of HTML5 is that it can be played on the go without downloading heavy apps - this, by default, makes the developing economies our target audience. We are building an marketplace app for HTML5 games and are starting with the huge audience base of India. Here's my question: 1. What is the most influential factor for HTML5 game performance - Chipset, CPU or GPU? 2. In each of those categories, which are the best builds for smooth game performance?
  9. @TD2TL, sorry for the delayed reply. The forum should have a notification system for replies Don't go by my S4. I have been messing around with its WebGL and GPU and all of that for too long. I was worried about why the game was not smooth on my laptop. Great game still, is it available for embedding?
  10. It's a fun game, I think. The problem I was facing is I had stright lines coming in which I could only place in the corners. Whether I do that horizontally or vertically, the tile is still a waste for me. Perhaps we should have an option of stopping the blocks midway. You could limit the total number of times one can do that in a single game. That makes it more fun too!
  11. Cool game! Is it available for embedding?
  12. Okay this is weird. I love the screenshots you've put up, and want to play this game, but it just wouldn't load beyond a certain point. Tried this on multiple browsers, private browsing etc. Any other website this is available on?
  13. It's a great game. Only issue is the heavy use of the Shift key. On Windows, that turns on Sticky Keys. Using a different button instead of Shift would get rid of a lot of unneecessary system dialogues Cheers!
  14. This is one of the most addictive HTML5 games I have ever come across. Just brilliant. If the graphic assets were of a higher resolution, this game would be a sensation!
  15. Yashash


    It's a nice game! Totally agree with BdR - we should look to cut the time between missing the target and the game over screen. Otherwise, it's really good. Keeping it minimalistic helps a lot in data conscious and huge markets like ours (India and South East Asian regions). Cheers!