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  1. <body> <div id="game" style="height: 600px; width: 800px; margin: 20px; position:relative;"> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var game = new Phaser.Game('100', '100', Phaser.CANVAS, 'game', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update}, false, false); Here is the relevant code. According to the documentation the phaser canvas should fill the parent container when the first two arguments are '100'. However instead it takes on the height and width of the window. The canvas element IS a child of the div with the id "game" however it is much bigger than that
  2. I'm definitely going to add in a v.s computer mode for version 2, unfortunately I can't do a lot about people leaving :/
  3. For a class I had to make an AI for a chess variant called apocalypse. When I looked online, there was no good computer versions of the game, so I decided to make one! Apocalypse is a lot shorter than chess and pretty fun to play. This version of the game features: Online multiplayer matchmaking! Private online games with invite links A clean user interface Check it out here: apocalypsechess.online Source for the online functionality: on my github You might have to find a friend to play it with (or yourself) because not many people will be looking for a game. H
  4. Cool little game! The function for joining rooms is perfect. The aesthetic is simple and attractive. Controls are solid. Some problems I found: I was confused by which goal I was supposed to score on because it seems like there is no indicator in game. When a player goes to a different tab it looks very strange and glitchy to the other players. Sometimes when I scored it got stuck too far back in the net and I couldn't retrieve it. Sometimes when I scored neither team got any points, maybe because I was shooting on the wrong goal?
  5. Wow this is awesome! The gameplay was great, the interface was very user friendly and it wasn't difficult to figure out what to do in game. The function for inviting your friend to play is easy. The visuals are reminiscent of a boardgame, which I think is great. I loved trying this out. The problems I have: the dialog for linking your friends to the game is a bit too big for my screen (1366x768) so I had to ctrl+mousewheel to zoom out. Also the sound for the helicopter! There's no way that is a helicopter sound lol. Overall great feeling game, might get a friend to play it with me later.
  6. interesting concept and clever name . The game runs well and the controls work well. Unfortunately I believe the reversal mechanic is quite gimmicky and took away from the game rather than adding to it. The game becomes press space bar as fast as you can while dodging bullets. The source is awesome and well documented. I will definitely take a further look at it!
  7. @WombatTurkey Thanks for the feedback! I use websockets to send information about your player like your x, y, and animations state every 100ms. The server also sends back the same information about all players who are currently connected every 100ms. Is that what you mean? I'll concede I know very little about websockets because socket.io made it very easy to use them. Also the inventory is still a work in progress :/. Thanks again for the positive comment.
  8. Hey guys I've been working on a multiplayer online game with phaser, node.js, socket.io, and orchestrate.io as a database service for a while now. The game is called Onyx Map, it is still very much a WIP. Check out the current version of the game here: https://onyxonline.herokuapp.com/ the way it is right not you have to complete a simple registration to track your username in the game. The game is a massively multiplayer online exploration platformer, but in it's current state there is not much exploration (read: no exploration at all). You can use the dummy account: username: frank password:
  9. I thought this game was great, it was really easy to get started and hard to stop. The visuals are cute and well put together and the music fits. I really don't understand what Milton is saying, I thought it was very 'playable'.
  10. Really cool! The google+ integration worked fine, and the leader board is a nice touch. The game itself was a good replication of minesweeper but I missed the scared face when you left click on an unknown space. The graphics are a bit ugly in my opinion, mainly because of the smoothing. Overall though a really nice implementation of an online minesweeper
  11. Really cool! I love to see projects like this, and this one is already pretty interesting and fun!
  12. Cool game, looks polished however I really dislike the colorful text, it's so hard to read and imo looks ugly. I found the gameplay difficult to get a hold of because I cannot judge how far my arrow will go. I think if you added something to help show how far back the bow is pulled that would be better. Overall though the game seems pretty pro and was fun to play!
  13. vez

    Rhythm Dungeon

    I played the game on desktop and it loaded really fast and was nice and smooth. I liked the cool menu animation when the game starts. The gameplay was fun! It was a bit slow paced, which made it hard to unlock other characters without spending a lot of time. Overall though really nice game, I enjoyed playing it!
  14. Great game! All the subtle animations (with a nice high fps) really bring it some polish and make it feel fun to do anything in the game.
  15. The map editor is sweet, I love resizing the brush and painting tons of terrain at a time ! Resizing the brush on the things that aren't terrain made the cursor image very big but the actual placed item did not change in size. I dislike how music starts playing on the landing page and that you can't mute it. Also clicking on the link to the map editor demo did not work for me I had to manually type in http://feudalwars.net/play (in chrome). Overall though pretty impressive and definitely interesting, I'll look forward to seeing more out of this!
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