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  1. How to change image of sprite?
  2. Yashko

    Add simple text

    Okay, i found solution, downloaded "Panda Engine 2 Playground", copied files from there and copied code, works fine ;d
  3. Yashko

    Add simple text

    Hello guys, how to add text to scene? And make it fixed to sprite? I looked in docs on pandajs site, but cant find any examples. I dont need to use my own font, just any simple font
  4. yes, i know that. main problem for me - draw graphics.
  5. First im looking for client + server side with graphics engine. now im found: https://github.com/qkdreyer/codinweek-mmo - but this is not simple, a lot of bad code and i cant get logic of this code https://github.com/arcanous/phaser-mmorpg - this looks better, but i dont dive in code yet
  6. do you have some simpler?
  7. Hi, im new to Phaser. Looking for an GOOD example of simple MMO game. Do you know where i can find it? Thank you