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  1. Hey , this is a verry early stage of a little pythonscript to make the work with Babylon a little bit faster. Its a CLI wich makes it easy to create a bisc proejct structure ( including a simple webserver ), add basic shapes, include .babylon files and add a prototype class for more complex objects. Here are the parameters: new <name> creates a new project newclass <name> creates a new prototype class in man.js newplane <name> creates a simple plane in middle of the scene newcube <name> creates a simple plane in middle of the scene newmesh <name> imports a new .babylon mesh from the assets Folder What do you think about it? Whats missing?
  2. Thanks for hijacking my thread, guys @Temechon: how would you avoid the green cube, in your last physics tutorial, rotating arround its vertical axis?
  3. Thamks Deltakosch Temechon, your tutorials are fantastic In your last physics tutorial ( how would you preserve the green cube to rotate around the Y axis when it hits the wall not exatly straight?
  4. Hi everyone, iam using Unity for a long time and im realy fine with it. But for my new project i choosed Babylon (because it works in mobile browsers ). For the last weeks i read in the documentation and did some tutorials. But something is still a little unclear to me and the reason might be iam thinking to much in a unity way. Her're some cases i just dont get: User Interfaces - schould i just use html elements overlapping the canvas or is there a more 'elegent' way? Inputs - Unity provides the huge Input class which abstracts keyboard events, controller inputs, tochinputs and all the nice stuff which prevents me for reinventing the wheel all the time . whats best practice in Babylon? Deltatime - usualy , when i do timerelevant stuff, i'm accustomed to use deltatime (the time passing between 2 frames) but i couldnt find something simular in Babylon Constrains/locking movement - for example how can i preserve a physicaly obejct for rotation arround its Y-axis thnaks for your answers edit: is there any kind of 'whole project workshop' out there? Most tutorials, i found, a very short and breaty beginnerish ^^
  5. Thanks for all the help guys! with the new RC it finaly works, but i dont know why
  6. yes gryff, thats my experience on the unity-forum, too I tried it with blender 2.71 and 2.74 but nothing showed up. I totaly removed the installation of blender, rebooted the system, reinstalled Bledner, reinstalled the add-on, rebooted again but nothing showed up. today i tried to install blender 2.74 and the babylonscript on my macbook ... gues what, i worked without any problem. Its realy strange. Same blender version, same OS version, same script version.
  7. thanks gryff but i tried to avoid any kind of slips and iam using blender for over 10 year .That shouldnt mean iam faultless but believe me, i wouldnt come up with a thread like this if iam not sure that's something strange going on. here is my addon list:
  8. Hi, as part of a new project i tried to install the Babylon Exporter for Blender (2.74) on OSX but the exporter doesn't show up in the Add-Ons-list of the preference Window. i tried both ways installing the script, 'install from file' and copying the python script directly into the blender installation folder (/Applications/ but nothing gets listet in the preferences. Are there any known issues with Blenderexporter on OSX? Did i missed something? Can anyone held me?