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  1. I have seen this tut but It seems to me quite complex can you please clear the steps needed to implement the match three algorithm. Thanks for reply.
  2. Hello everybody, I need little help I am trying to make games like 'matching three object' in (9x9) grid but I dont know what is the algorithm and how to implement the algorithm. please give me some resource, code, algorithms anything that can help me. Thanks.
  3. It works only when I move my hero up otherwise not. I have an idea that is create an hidden sprite give it velocity.y -=value and make camera to follow it .but its not working. actually I follow this way but the camera follow should going up forever automatically without respect the hero.
  4. Hello everybody, In my game I want the game camera auto move up(continue going up forever) so I have tried something like this -=10; in update() function, but its not working. is there any way to make it ? Thanks.
  5. Do I need to set highscore before this line score>localStorage.getItem("highscore");
  6. // declare globally var score = 0; // increment your score // game hero hit by something that kill him function gameOver(){ if(localStorage.getItem('highscore') === null){ localStorage.setItem('highscore',score); } else if(score > localStorage.getItem('highscore')){ localStorage.setItem('highscore',score); } }
  7. this link is dead will you please fix it .
  8. I have the same problem can you pleas clear this how can I access the polygon.json file ? should I link the .json file to main index.html file then access it ?
  9. I have the same problem can you pleas clear this how can I access the polygon.json file ?
  10. I have reported the problem in github issues.
  11. But when updated the version its showing the error, TypeError: this.scale.setScreenSize is not a function previous version is ok. I cant understand what going on there can you please help to figure out the problem.
  12. can you please add the game. This is my first first game. I am new in game development and I like Phaser its great. github repository - play the game here - Thanks.
  13. This one is the most popular open source source game here is the github link