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  1. 19 minutes ago, megmut said:

    There is one of two ways you could achieve this. 

    A: Create a white png the same shape as your sprite and add it as a child to the sprite. Make it a 1.1 scale, so it's slightly larger, change the alpha to 0.5 and use a tint on it to make it any colour you wish.

    B: use a bitmap copy image of the sprite, you'd use less memory this way, then perform the same manipulations to this.

    If I get five minutes today, I'll do a quick demo, but no promises. I'm pretty busy at the moment!

    Hope this helps

    Thanks for the reply I really appreciate your code, feel free to share when your are free :) 

  2. On 2/22/2015 at 11:29 AM, Triplanetary said:

    There are two things you need to know that haven't been brought up yet:


    First, if you're specifying cursors in CSS, you must specify an "auto" fallback at the end of the definition. In my experience this seems to be the only way to make sure all browsers will use your custom cursor. For example, in my current game the cursor style is "url(assets/cursor.png),auto". Works fine.


    Second, you can apply styles to Canvas element from within Phaser. In my game's "init" function, I have this line:

  = 'url(assets/cursor.png),auto';


    which applies an inline "cursor" style to the game's Canvas. Here's a fiddle of it working:

    Hello there, your jsfiddle is not working, would you please fix this.


  3. On 1/17/2015 at 4:31 AM, Daniel Belohlavek said:

    Yes, you can read from the database and output it as JSON with PHP. Then using AJAX on the client side you can request the file and parse the JSON in javascript. We can only help you with the javascript/phaser releated things here, you might want to do PHP research on your own! :)

    very nice answer, would you please share with use an working example, if possible. 

  4.     game.physics.arcade.collide(bullets, boxGroup,function(bullet){        bullet.kill();    });    game.physics.arcade.collide(bullets, player);    game.physics.arcade.collide(player, boxGroup);    game.physics.arcade.collide(player, box1,function(){        player.kill();}

    paste these code at first inside the update() function.

  5. It looks good!


    One suggestion though : the difficulty should increase with time. It's a very common game design pattern. Here the game difficulty doesn't change, so after a while it gets a little bit repetitive. You should increase the number of coconuts or have the bottom border chase the player faster and faster, something like that. 


    Also, it's a bit disturbing to see the monkey vanish before actually reaching the bottom of the screen. 


    But yeah, a very good start!


    I have implemented difficulty level like this - 1 min - 1 coconut, after then 1 min - 2 coconut after then infinitly 3 or 4 coconut, should I change the difficulty level any suggestion.

    and thanks for your valuable suggestion I will fix these issue soon.

  6. Hello everybody, in my game I have 4 types of audio file (mp3,mp4,wav and ogg) of same sound but my files is not decoded properly I have tried this'jumpSound',['sounds/jump.wav','sounds/jump.ogg','sounds/jump.mp3','sounds/jump.m4a'],true);

    when I have tried this 


    it gives me false but inside cache it showing this Capture.png.

     my browser is chrome. 

  7. I've been using VS Code for some months now and I'm quite happy with it. I used Brackets before that but it was rather sloppy even on my quite fast machine, a problem VS Code doesn't have. Also, VS Code's IntelliSense is much smarter than anything I've ever seen in Brackets, and the linter finds type-related bugs even if you don't use TypeScript (although it does have some "false positives" sometimes).


    I'm certainly not a Microsoft fan (have been using linux as my main OS since at least 2006) but even I had to admit that VS Code is quickly becoming one of the best editors for JavaScript stuff.


    I am using Bracket editor because it has a good extension lib specially Phaser Chain, so is it available in VS code ? 

  8. When i create an app for android with intelXDK, the sounds with phaser (2.4.4) don´t works.


    i have solved the problem using the Cordova Native Audio with the latest cordova cli version (5.1.1) in the intelXDK 2727) but only works for android 4 or above

    • Warning: CLI 5.1.1 requires a minimum Android API level of 14. Your project was set to an Android API level of '10' which is not supported by this version of Cordova. NOTE: The minimum Android API has been set to '14'. This means your application can only be installed on Android 4.0 and higher devices! If you need to build a version of your application that can be installed on earlier devices, use a previous version of the CLI.

    Other thing i have realize is that this plugin is not able to play sounds as fast as Phaser :(, for example, for shotting sounds.


    Try this website to test:



    my app use agular as well.


    sorry for my english, soy español :), viva la Tortilla de patatas :)


    Thanks for your reply, Livin' La Vida Loca :)