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    shohan4556 got a reaction from DiegoMontania in bar life in phaser   
    Hi, I have made this just now , please have a look 
    making health bar
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    shohan4556 got a reaction from Umz in Scaling my entire game to fit window size?   
    var game = new Phaser.Game(window.innerWidth * window.devicePixelRatio, window.innerHeight * window.devicePixelRatio, Phaser.CANVAS, 'game'); Try this. 
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    shohan4556 reacted to VitaZheltyakov in link to google play store not working   
    Use cordova-plugin-inappbrowser'market://details?id=' + our_app_id;, '_system');  
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    shohan4556 got a reaction from pranadevil in bar life in phaser   
    Hi, I have made this just now , please have a look 
    making health bar
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    shohan4556 got a reaction from WombatTurkey in Choose 1 random sprite in a group with a particular property   
    you can try something like this,
    var mychild = myGroup.getRandom(); if(mychild.attackZone==true){ // do stuff } or try this
    Phaser.ArrayUtils.shuffle(myGroup); // shuffle group here myGroup.updateZ(); // apply the changes myGroup.forEach(function(enemy){ if(enemy.attaxkZone==true){ // dostuff // break } });  Hope this helps.
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    shohan4556 reacted to Stephen304 in Can I ID sprites of a group to be referenced?   
    I have a group of sprites and I am trying to find a way to ID them to be referenced (to change velocity for instance). I can't just make individual sprites because that would hard code the number of sprites which needs to be dynamic.
    Is there a way of doing something like:
    snakes =;snakes.create(400, 400, 'snake1', 'snakeImage');snakes.create(400, 400, 'snake2', 'snakeImage');snakes.create(400, 400, 'snake3', 'snakeImage');snakes.create(400, 400, 'snake4', 'snakeImage'); Then:
    snakes['snake3'].body.velocity.x = 150; Or something of that effect? I am considering making an object like this:
    var snakes = {};snakes['andrew'] = game.add.sprite(400, 400, 'snakeImage');snakes['lucy'] = game.add.sprite(400, 400, 'snakeImage');snakes['bob'] = game.add.sprite(400, 400, 'snakeImage');snakes['batman'] = game.add.sprite(400, 400, 'snakeImage'); And:
    snakes['batman'].body.velocity.y = -9000; Is there a better way to do this?
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    shohan4556 reacted to SignalSin in [PHASER][WIP/DEMO] Jethro's Puppy Adventure   
    I've been spending my spare time working on a platformer game, starring my very own dog, Jethro. This is a demo, showcasing 3 levels from what will eventually be a total of 16.
    Run, jump and dig your way through the levels in an effort to get as many biscuits as possible before heading to your kennel.
    I haven’t been able to test the mobile version on anything other than my dodgy, old phone which couldn’t handle it well, so mobile support is ‘unofficial’ for now
    Play the game here. And please let me know what you think :). Thanks for your time, folks!


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    shohan4556 reacted to GSquadron in The objective   
    Hi all,
    I worked on creating a top-down shooter game.
    Let me know if you like it.
    Here is link to play the whole game:

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    shohan4556 got a reaction from plicatibu in How to delay between loops by using tween?   
    I think tween have the delay property., duration, ease, autoStart, delay, repeat, yoyo) :  and tween have the method  tween.repeatDelay(duration); you can use this.
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    shohan4556 got a reaction from VitaZheltyakov in How to delay between loops by using tween?   
    I think tween have the delay property., duration, ease, autoStart, delay, repeat, yoyo) :  and tween have the method  tween.repeatDelay(duration); you can use this.
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    shohan4556 reacted to Umz in I finished something!?   
    Few things you'll need to do to this game
    I need to know somehow which ones I've pressed, so either make them glow or change their colour after being pressed.
    Dragging everything down after each touch is really off putting, maybe leave that feature just for hard mode? Or, take it out for easy, reduce it for normal mode and do it this way for the hard mode. I like little games like this, much easier to do with fingers than the mouse.
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    shohan4556 reacted to PhaserEditor2D in Phaser Scene Builder   
    Updated August 31, 2016
    A new version of Phaser Editor is available! Take a look!
    I invite you to check this PREVIEW video about Canvas, the Phaser Editor scene builder that is in development.
    In the video we show how you can create the scene objects by dragging the assets shown in the Assets explorer, the texture atlas previews and the sprite-sheet previews (it was funny to discover that a texture atlas could be a nice "sprite palette").
    We think this is a natural behavior that will increase your productivity since it uses the same elements you are familiar with.
    We want to build an editor from the bottom to the top:
    We implemented a powerful asset manager, based on the Phaser Asset Pack format.  Asset packers like the texture atlas and the audio sprites generators.   A Preview window that is able to visualize those assets in a way that helps the user to get a quick feedback of the kind of objects she is using in her game. A JavaScript editor that understands the assets of your game, and helps the user to write the asset keys and provides popup windows with useful information and visual (and echoing) feedback. And now an scene builder that takes advantage of the asset pack and the Preview windows. When the scene builder gets ready and stable, then we will focus on the objects of the scene, and provide more specialized editors for aspects like tweens, sprite-sheet animations, physics and emitters, to mention some of them.  Our gold rule: stick to vanilla Phaser concepts, models and formats, we do not want the user to learn new stuff, we want to reuse what he already knows about Phaser, the same names, the same structures, and we want he to learn something that applies even outside our editor, because it is just Phaser after all.
    Well.. it was a long talk :-) I let you with the video. Any idea about the scene builder or whatever other thing, is more than welcome.
    Updated June 25, 2016
    Video updated with the last version of the scene editor.
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    shohan4556 reacted to valueerror in In App Purchase - Mission accomplished !   
    I still didn't find any tutorial out there on how to properly implement  in app purchases (in my case with android && crosswalk) so this is some sort of tutorial for in app purchases
    (but it isn't finished yet - that's why i need your help   )
    i'm using this plugin http://plugins.cordo...ordova.purchase (it seems to be the right choice for this since it's the most used plugin in the database) i added the permissions "" to my project settings (this is needed for the google developer console to recognize the apk as "billing enabled" and allow adding an "in-app product") i added the plugin "cc.fovea.cordova.purchase" to my game using intel xdk crosswalk > 3rd party plugins > get plugin from the web (plugin is located in the apache cordova plugin registry)             ATTENTION:  this doesn't work due to a bug in the current version  3.10.1 where $BILLING_KEY is not properly set
              you have to download the plugin from the git repo :   and install it manually (see next step - adding local plugin over the UI will not work!)
    i created a file called "intelxdk.config.additions.xml" in the same directory as the other xdk files (this file will be included in the actual build files - it's a way to include additional parameters for plugins like "billing_key) i added the following xml code to the xml file:   (MIIB... is the Licence Key!  you'll find it in the developer console under Services & APIs)   
    now you need to edit one file in the plugin to make up for the BUG !  edit the file plugin.xml   and find the section that says <string name="billing_key_param"> and add your Licence Key instead of the variable $BILLING_KEY so it looks like this: i was then able to build the project and upload the apk with the right permissions and the plugin (and the additional parameter) as "alpha" release to the playstore and also add my first "in-app product"  (id:  "noads") i defined a price and activated it..   i published my app as alpha release !!! i added the example code from the github plugin website to my code so the "device ready" signal should do some sort of "appstore" setup document.addEventListener('deviceready', initializeStore, false); function initializeStore() { // Let's set a pretty high verbosity level, so that we see a lot of stuff // in the console (reassuring us that something is happening). store.verbosity = store.WARNING; // We register a dummy product. It's ok, it shouldn't // prevent the store "ready" event from firing. "noads" is the current id store.register({ id: "noads", alias: "no ads", type: store.NON_CONSUMABLE }); // When everything goes as expected, it's time to celebrate! store.ready(function() { console.log("STORE READY"); }); // When purchase is approved show some logs and finish the transaction. store.when("noads").approved(function(order) { console.log("PURCHASE APPROVED"); order.finish(); }); store.when("noads").owned(function() { console.log("PRODUCT PURCHASED"); alert('You purchased the ad-free version! Please restart the application to finish.'); disableADS(); // custom function triggered }); // After we've done our setup, we tell the store to do // it's first refresh. Nothing will happen if we do not call store.refresh() store.refresh(); }   it seems that i need to setup a testing google account because i'm not allowed to use my google dev account for testpurchases ?! so i added another account as "Gmail accounts with testing access" in the settings section of the developer console AND i had to create a google group and invite those testers AND add the group as allowed apha testers in the apk section !!  (make sure the app version code is the same otherwise the purchase will not work !) i now have my button in place that should trigger the purchase by calling the following function: function buyADS(){   store.order('noads');} i installed an apk file i built in intel xdk (not the one i uploaded to the store because i made some changes to the store script) with a user thats in the "alpha test group" (developer is not allowed to purchase) !! then i started the game and clicked on my "buy-button"  it actually loads the store inside my app and let me complete a test-purchase (add creditcardnumber and so on...)  
    Yeeehaaa !!  
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    shohan4556 reacted to spinnerbox in Google play services integration with phaser   
    I tried to use GPGS and it is good service. You can use for web game as well as for mobile game. Just read the docs properly. There is a REST interface for web.
    When your user access your game/app, he/she must be signed in to Google+ service i.e you must use G+ "sign in" button or sign the user anonomously if the user already granted access and right to his personal G+ account.
    You must first create a client application ID for your app/game in your Google Developer Console. Add linked apps aka websites or mobile games to it and achievements. There should be at least 5 achievements and one linked live url for your game.
    In order your game service to work you must publish it publicly so the achievements, leaderboards be available for use.
    You can also use Firebug console to debug how the service works
    Google services are very large thing so it is complex for not so experienced I was too confused when started coding some code in it.
    You can also make a use of GPGS for multiplayer game
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    shohan4556 reacted to curlycue104 in Fantasy RPG, developers needed   
    Hello there! I'm Curlycue. My team and I are working on a first-person, singleplayer, fantasy RPG styled after games like Skyrim and Dragon Age. The title is “Mage”. The story involves the PC being a mage, obviously, and the primary conflict revolves around the fact that magic is forbidden. The combat is based mostly on spell casting. Quite a bit of progress has been made on the lore, characters, story, and quest line. As for programming, the game is still in very early stages. We have a WASD movement system, several basic UIs and a quest log. If anyone is interested in joining the team, please email me at Thanks! - Curly
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    shohan4556 reacted to Umz in [Phaser] Surge Rescue Game - KONGREGATE   
    Surge Rescue Game Demo
    Really impressed with the Phaser engine, took me just under a week to build this: Game Here
    It's pretty much ready to go, just looking for some more feedback and testers to improve and polish it a little more before uploading the live version. All suggestions welcome, and any critiques, feel free to be as brutally honest as necessary.
    Controls: Mouse Only. Player will follow the mouse and click to use his attack. Keep your follower alive.
    For those that can't play it, for whatever reason, here's a short screen capture:

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    shohan4556 reacted to drhayes in Create a parallax effect of two images by moving the mouser horizontally equal to the GitHub site when the error 404 page not found   
    Well, first you have to track the mouse and get its x and y.
    You then create some graphics and lay them on top of each other. Let's call them A, B, and C.
    A moves the most when you move the mouse, probably a ratio like -0.7 * x. That means it'll move in the opposite direction of the mouse, but not by as much. B moves the least, maybe -0.2 * x. C moves maybe 0.4 * x, so it looks like everything pivots on a point near B somehow.
    You'll have to play with this and probably offset it from the center of the graphics, but that's the gist.
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    shohan4556 reacted to VitaZheltyakov in [Plugin] Arcade Circles   
    I finally finished writing the Phaser Arcade Circles plugin.
    Plugin on GitHub:
    This plugin adds to framework:
    Circle vs. Circle collision Circle vs. Rectangle collision Circle-body debug render The plugin does not reduce the performance of arcade physics. The plugin is easy to use. It does not add new functions, but merely extends existing.
    How to add a plugin:
    Add to your index.html link to plugin file:
    <script src="js/phaser-arcade-circles-plugin.js" type="text/javascript"></script> How to use a plugin:
    Then use the standard function setCircle for the circle-body.
    sprite1.body.setCircle(radius, offsetX, offsetY); Calculation of the collision produced as usual. No further use is not necessary functions.
    Remember, this is an arcade physics. Not real physics. Therefore, some collisions may seem strange. Remember, that the setCircle function overrides scaling and anchor point.  
    The repository has 4 examples of using the plugin.
    If Rachard read this post
    Richard, I recommend you to add this functionality in the Phaser.
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    shohan4556 reacted to PhaserEditor2D in Phaser plugin for SublimeText updated to support Phaser v2.4.7   
    We updated the Sublime Text plugin for Phaser with the last Phaser version (2.4.7).
    With this plugin you get Phaser API code completions.


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    shohan4556 reacted to VitaZheltyakov in Resolutions and scaling   
    These parameters indicate the maximum size of the game window. I use 2048 (px)
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    shohan4556 reacted to MrAnyone in Google Chrome Youtube Audio Visualizer   
    Hi! First post on the forums, well I'm making a google chrome extension that generates a audio visualizer in real time for Youtube.

    It is in dev state and I'm making it to learn algorithms (for fun cof cof).
    All the images down here was generated in real time and downloaded from "Save image as..." from the webgl canvas.
    Here is the link for download (GitHub): YTAV

    Currently you can only change the settings through the console (with the 'vis' variable, it is a instance of the visualizer).

    Thanks, and any question, just ask!

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    shohan4556 reacted to chiguireitor in [Phaser][Commision][Finished] To the moon Jump   
    To the moon jump!
    A game made in ~2 days for commisioned work for a cryptocoin promotion. It is a "Doodle jump" clone made in phaser for Web and Android support.

    You can play it here (warning, heavy advertising and promotion).
    I streamed on the whole development of this game, the related videos are the following: The nice thing about streaming is that you can see how much works can be packed in just 2 hours of highly focused work. 10/10 would do it again.
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    shohan4556 reacted to end3r in [Phaser][LD35] Shape Attack   
    It's good to see cool Ludum Dare entries made with Phaser - I also did one. It's a very simple shape collecting mobile game. Me and my wife decided to finish a game, no matter how small. It won't win any prizes, and you can probably find a lot more games like this. Still, it's something.

    Play the game online at
    You can also rate the game on LudumDare's page
    I've used our Enclave Phaser Template and was inspired by the Off The Hook demo game from Interphase 1. You can read the post mortem on my blog - how we managed to make a game in a team of three where one was my one month old daughter.
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    shohan4556 reacted to none-9999 in My project in development   
    Please feel free to give your opinions, questions or suggestions, thanks.  
    2D game
    2 resolutions
    stereo sound
    without frameworks
    with IA (not yet)
    60 levels
    inn-app purchases
    to: android, IO's, Windows and web
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    shohan4556 reacted to jblinkhorn in Game list of phaser games   
    Math Master