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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that a few things were added to the game: - Coins can be used to unlock the tracks - The scores and leaderboards are now based on your time - A new, more rewarding, game over screen has been implemented with a medal Again, don't hesitate to write your impressions and suggestions. Cheers, Julien
  2. Thanks for the comments, don't hesitate to suggest new features, tweaks, etc. @BdR: editable player names are coming
  3. Hi guys, We started working on Formula Unplugged, a colorful 3D racing game using an isometric view: http://danlabgames.com/index.php?GameID=formula. The game is playable in any browser that supports WebGL (http://caniuse.com/#feat=webgl). Right now, every race features 6 cars (you are the red one) and your goal is obviously to finish first. To do so, you can bump into the other cars to stun them for a few seconds (they will drive sideways or into the wall if it's nearby). Watch out for oil spills! Upcoming features include: - New tracks - Coins to collect on the track (to
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