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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to see if there was a good tool for creating bitmap fonts for games. One that can get an image created in Photoshop or Illustrator of a custom stylized font character set and create a sprite based bitmap font. I've used Shoebox for a long time, but it hasn't been updated for a few years and it's made in Adobe Air. Is there a more modern and better alternative that doesn't rely on Adobe Air? I've seen other tools that takes windows fonts and let's you create limited styling on them, but that's not what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I apologize for the late response. Was swamped and forgot to go back and check for a reply. Thank you so much Outrider. You're awesome.
  3. Hi everyone. Quick question. In HTML5 game dev, what would you say the best approach to game audio is right now? SoundJS? Audio Sprites? Something else? Sincerely, Carlos
  4. Hi everyone. I have a few questions that I would like some assistance with. As I'm getting into HTML5 game development as a technical designer/artist...I know that with an online game (especially html5), having your game assets require too many server calls is undesirable. What is a comfortable/safe number of server calls? When your dealing with multiple sprite sheets, is there a way to wrap multiple sprite sheets into one file? Not one big sprite sheet. What would be best practices for this?I am concerned because of mobile and/or other countries where bandwidth is an issue. I have the ima
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