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  1. Aha! The answer is to pass in the mesh itself to scene.beginAnimation, not the name of the mesh's animation! eg. scene.beginAnimation(rotatingMesh, 0, 30, true); Updated example playground:
  2. Oh yes, this is exactly what I have been doing. I just noticed that it seems everything is moving towards using the Actions and when I attempted to move some of my code to the Actions I noticed this discrepancy. Upon checking the Babylon source on Github I am reasonably sure that no matter which type of picking, they all eventually use the same function, and that function does have x and y parameters.
  3. I have imported a Blender scene which has a mesh with an animation (consisting of just a few keyframes) and I am looking to control the animation, however I have been unsuccessful. The only resources I have been able to find relate to using skeletons imported from Blender, not basic keyframe animations (unless I am missing something?). Example playground: The animation data is located on line 20 of the playground. I have tried calling scene.beginAnimation('rotation animation', 0, 30, true); in the scene.executeWhenReady function to no avail. Hopefully somebody can help? Thanks!
  4. When the pointer is locked the OnPick* Actions are very awkward because the cursor is hidden and thus accurate picking is not an option. It is possible to achieve accurate picking using the scene.onPointerObservable and any of the picking methods which allow for an X and Y coordinate to be supplied (I just use the screen center X and Y and a visible 'cross hair'). However it seems like this would be better to incorporate directly into the OnPick* Actions when optional X and Y arguments are supplied. Thoughts?
  5. Yes yes, all of that indeed! Whether the fundamental laws of our universe are necessary fundamental laws for any possible universe, or whether they are accidental properties of this one. Poly-verses. Possible worlds. Causation (mostly quantum theories). Philosophy of Science. What are these things we're talking about? Ontology and theories of being. Identity. Self-identity. Constitution of being through time. And Philosophy of Art I was mostly interested in the sort of metaphysics that deals with actual, and current, scientific theories... without having to do all the experimentation or the math And art! Always art Oh yes, it's all off-topic... in the best possible way! It was funny that once I had put my childish desires aside I would listen to people who happened to be indulging in certain hedonistic activities and they were all saying 'woah, imagine if...' and 'somebody should really study that'. Well... I was! And a lot of great thinkers have. Here is a 500 page book for you to read. But of course they never wanted to commit like that
  6. This. But! That is why this sort of work is really important... because Google will follow when people work out how to do these things effectively, and I think you have come up with some really good ideas ozRocker! I had wondered about SEO for javascript apps that go beyond Angular / Ember type single-page-apps, but never implemented anything, so this is definitely a good start that I will be implementing myself. Excellent topic!
  7. This will be due to Explorer not supporting Pointer Lock I think? Pointer Lock @ MDN
  8. Love the skybox! And this is a great PG setup to try out lots of animations. I'm gonna dig into it later. Nice work Wingy!
  9. I'm glad to hear that davrous! Can't wait to get the official release of win10 on my Surface Pro 3 And another engine that runs the Web Audio API? Bliss! I started the sketch in the playground, but unfortunately I got the 'Unable to save your code. It may be too long.' error when I tried to save it The code is still all there if you view source nonetheless. And I ensured not to minify the scene.js code so anybody can look through it and see what's going on (and how sketchy my coding was lol). It hasn't been optimised, and infact is de-optimised, with lots of excess calculations rather than holding values in variables because I wanted to test Babylon running with Tone.js.
  10. Crystals A small sketch incorporating Tone.js with Babylon. It seems like the two timing systems work reasonably well together, and with stress testing I only came across a few occasional 'hung' notes which disappeared when un-focusing / re-focusing the browser. The audio works by far the best in Chrome, and in Firefox produces some 'pops' and 'crackle' (as it does with any use of web audio still unfortunately ). The crystals are a Babylon interpretation of Amanda Glosson's Spinning Ball of Crystal which was done in three.js. Both the crystals and the audio are generated in the code... no models or audio files! So feel free to 'view source' and see how it works PS. I hope it's okay to post these things in the main forum? I didn't see a thread for small sketches, like there is with the 'projects' thread.
  11. This would be excellent! Being able to mark things as 'incomplete' or as a 'bug' could easily separate these PGs from ones we want to show off or PGs which are a particular step in a tutorial. Oh! jahow beat me to my own reply. I am happy to do some front-end dev if it is needed / wanted. HTML / CSS / Javascript type things. Here is my codepen profile. I think that codepen could provide for some inspiration for functionality for the playground!
  12. Hey thanks! When I tutored metaphysics at uni I tried showing the students these sorts of animations to give them an idea of what a fourth dimension would look like when reduced... the stoners were highly amused lol Also I just realised that the PG has a whole lot of excess lines meshes... oops! Insomnia is great for coding ideas... execution is a different matter.
  13. Also: A Tale of Two Clocks But it certainly looks like you've got the right idea with the while loop waiting until it's time to call the next frame!
  14. Just a little sketch I did... a rotating tesseract made out of lines meshes in the babylon playground. I have left the code very declarative rather than bundling things up in loops, functions, and too many arrays so that you can see where each point is and how the tesseract is constructed with 'squares' (in this instance, there are many different ways to create them!).