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  1. win 10 home x64 - ie11 with the error. edit: opening the console is crashing the tab edge and ff working.. sorry for that
  2. Opening this pg i get a Syntax error and loading assets...please wait. What do i wrong, i get this often when i try to open pgs?
  3. tried, did not help. the sphere keeps on rolling. also tried stuff from here:
  4. Hi, i dont know the correct way with the ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA but i also played around with the iso view. Check this pg: it is not that perfect, changing the camera Position watching the target causes the normal up-down-left-right moving to right-up right-down etc. i corrected it but it still seems not to work like intended.
  5. Hi, i played around with moving a mesh with keys and found this playground which was a nice example: So.. i tried to figure out what is the best way to make a mesh moving by keys and make it jump (there was already a related thread but i couldn't find an answer for me). The sphere in the playground is moving without physics using the babylon.js collision detection for the walls. it works very nice. i dont know how to create a jump in this case. the only way i know would be with physics and apply an impuls to the mesh. it would be cool if anyone who knows it better can explain how a jump without physics can be done or maybe correct my physics example. i created two reduced playgrounds on base of the one with the blob: without phsics: with physics: the example with the physics has a nice jump(dont push space to the limit) but also makes strange things. greets
  6. Well, this is awesome. Thanks a lot for the help. Are there possibilities to make both viewports clickable? I not, should i try to check where my mouse is and then set the pickable variables?
  7. Hi, i tried it with the parameters but also i didn't got it to work. i reduced the whole thing to a playground: just comment out line 36 to see the normal functionality, except the performance problem, this did not occur in the normal code Oo
  8. Hi again, i tried to add a minimap like in Temechons shooter tutorial. i put it into the left bottom corner. now the problem is, that the picking works only on the last added camera with scene.activeCameras.push(camera);i can move the rabbit only over the minimap now. i tried to switch the order of adding the cams. the result was that i could click on the ground normally but the minimap wasn't clickable then and laying under the normal camera. i thought it might be like the cameras take the whole screen so i limited the viewports to have them not overlaying. the problem still occured. thanks in advance sky.php
  9. Hi, thank you for the answer and the smaple code. i had to do some changes but now the rabbit turns correct but runs always with his back in front. seems that he is modeled backwards XD More questions inc.
  10. Hi, i tried to create a simple game where u can move a player over a mesh with clicks. i browsed already the realted topics in this forum and took as much i could from there. the world should be a simple island and i took the rabbit from the samples as the player. all files here: now there are few things i got to ask: 1. click to move: i tried few things to get the player turning to the click like e.g. in polycraft. best result was that the rabbit was always turning his back to the click XD 2. pathfinding: if we place things like trees on the ground, how to get the rabbit move around them automatically? is there anything built-in from babylon for pathfinding or anyone already tried pathfinding.js in 3D context? 3. gravity: which way is better? physics or move with collision and apply the gravity like in the code? i would like to have a linear moving the wohle time, in example when the rabbit goes up. I think this would be enough for the beginning, any suggestions are welcome