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  1. Hi, I'm happy to introduce the latest (super secret) project by Random Developers: Kingdom of Monsters (KoM). The story begins when a big red badass dragon stole the magic crown that protect the village of the warriors, like you can imagine, a crew of great warriors from the village start their journey to defeat the enemy and take again the magic crown. Here some arts of the game: I'll post a demo of the game in a couple of days! Hope you like it.
  2. Hi Maz, it's simple but addicting. I like the musics. Good job.
  3. Very interesting. I'll buy it for sure to experiment some fast platform designs.
  4. Hi guys, I'm Wax by GameDevelopers, I want to show you a small game we made BUT very soon we will announce a brand new amazing game. CubeNoid is an innovative clone of the famous game Arkanoid, but with a cube instead of a ball!. Realize Combo and publish your score online, challenging the entire community!Here is a list of CubeNoid Features:* Combo * Leaderboards * Endless gamingNo placement, no boss, a single endless challenge. Produce as many points as you can and climb the rankings! You can play it on: Andorid: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.randomdevelopers.cubenoid Gamepix: http://www.gamepix.com/play/cubenoid/ Caly io: http://cubenoid.clay.io/game/cubenoid I hope you'll like Cubenoid.
  5. RandomDevelopers


    I was reading on this forum from a long time, now I'm ready to join you guys!
  6. Think that my first html5 game was stoled and reskinned. -.- I hate them.
  7. Hi Xenom, first of all sorry for my bad english. I have a good experience with HTML5 games distribution, I made 5/6 games, I tested many distribution strategies and I'm making good money with my games.I'll try to explain you the two main strategies that for me was the bests: Strategy one: start selling the not exclusive license of your games to gaming websites, after some months distribute them with many distributors (Booster, Gamepix, Softgames). (I suggest this strategy with smaller games because you'll maximize your revenues also if the game is not top but a lot of effert is necessary) Strategy two: give your game to a distributor in exclusivity asking for revenue share with minimum revenues guaranteed OR anticipation on the revenues. If the game will be successful you'll make much more money than with licensing but probably you'll need more time (I suggest this strategy with bigger games where you worked more on them and you believe in their quality) In my experience I worked with a couple of publishers and distributor but the best for me is Gamepix, they are very friendly and they really helped me also before that the game was ready (I showed them just some raw concepts) and with them I reached a lots of users making good money. This is only my experience but I suggest you to talk with them all because I think that every gamedev have is own perfect publisher. About the native stores, untill now I self published my games but no good money from there. At RandomDevs we are still a small indie team and now we are going to release a bigger game also thanks to the money that we made with smaller games. I'll announce it in the showcase in just a few days. I hope my experience will help you.