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  1. You need to fix your flight engine / coding. You should be using matrices for rotation, will eliminate that weird jump and spin you get when you face close to the top and bottom of your direction. Your camera should either use the same rotation matrix with an offset, or have it attached to the model and position it behind it.
  2. Why not detect the mobile operating system and then only load the sound files required?
  3. Yeah, I need to update the UI, some of it is just place holder code from other menus. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. If you track the time elapsed and multiply that by your velocity, it'll ratio so that the slower computer and faster computer will match distances. The only problem may be that turning will not be the same radius, so one may jump to the other ( If you compute circumference traveled to get your new coordinates, should be fine). I found that out after testing my game from desktop against tablet. (60fps vs 30fps)
  5. Site is currently down for an issue with the host (changing packages), should be back in a few hours
  6. Throwing up a post about a game I'm working on, hopefully near an Alpha type release. Game has 2 different plays styles, a 2D isometric style, and 3D FPS style. There is a really short tutorial zone that describes the basics on how to play / fly. Looking for any feedback or suggestion on design, play style, and also places to promote this type of game. (New to html5 gaming) 2D basic controls, W/A/S/D->standard move / turn Q/E-> Strafe Space-> Guns Shift ->Afterburners 3D basic controls are a little more tricky, W/A/S/D->standard move / roll Q/E-> Strafe R/F-> Up / down L -> Lock mouse for pitch and turn. Space-> Guns Shift ->Afterburners Mouse wheel to zoom in for FPS mode, and right button to change the camera. Direct Link to game files Website link: