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  1. Thanks Rich that's great news!
  2. OK thanks. Does the "yet" hint that maybe it might be added in the future? For now I've got things working by switching sheets when necessary, but support for multipacks would be a useful feature
  3. Hi I'm building my first Phaser game at the moment as a trial after coming originally from an Actionscript background, and then working a lot with Haxe/Flambe for the last couple of years. Most of the things I've tried and tested so far have worked out fine, but I'm struggling with finding a way of having a large complex sprite use multiple texture atlases. I'm using TexturePacker and have output a multipack using the JSON (Hash) format which names the files name0.png, name1.png etc. but I can't find a way to access these in Phaser. I have smaller, single atlas sprites working no problem, but for my main character there are too many animations to fit on a single texture. Is there a way to handle multipacks in Phaser, or will I have to resort to trying to break the sprite into separate single atlases with individual anim loops in separate files, and then switch between them in code? Many thanks Billy