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  1. going off topic on my own thread i got optical flow on the original ptam working using version of opencv 3.4. i havent ported to wasm cuz i dont have the camera pose... but the math works! arkit is for the peasants!
  2. omg this is the dirty dirt.... ty for showing me this.
  3. just to show you this is not a pipe dream
  4. Well theres a paper published by somw georgia tech students that combines slam and gyroscope to return the camera pose estimation. just need to turn it into cpp code.
  5. thats good to know. i figured the translation related to opencv scale vs webgl scale
  6. at some point this year ill try and get something released you can play with. after seeing the disney demo id like merge slam tracking and marker tracking. but quite a few bugs to fix till i have something for release.
  7. i did in fact. my translation matrix data was slightly off but i was able to use any image as a marker and get the correct rotation matrix data. i moth balled the project because of performance issues but found a solution to that by processing the images in a compute shader. ahem gpu.js i firmly believe arkit/arcore can run in a web browser at native speed.
  8. Piggybacking off that here's what disney did with their markers: Attach collider to marker and ragdoll your AR critter.
  9. Jsartoolkit really is only opencv 2.4 and aruco. It’s quite old I got opencv 3.4 to transpile using Ubuntu system headers ninja build system and newest version of emscripten. Really Ubuntu is the secret sauce will break on Mac or windows. Was hoping assembly script had legs cause c++ is painful.
  10. Haven't been around in a bit but still actively use babylon for a lot of demos... Has anyone messed around with this yet? Over the past few months I've found myself breaking web vs native rules left and right switching over to web assembly. Just curious if anyone else here has been experimenting with transpiling babylon. -Patrick
  11. hehehe.. someone else got annoyed by this error on my team and fixed it. it appears the solution has been offered so I'm not going to dig as to how they fixed it.
  12. @NabroskiIf it isn't a set of nested conditionals to get something to work on safari iOS it isn't a proper web app.
  13. If you're gonna go native Babylon through a web view seems crazy expensive. I can't think of any reason to do this outside of a fall back situation. Or just because you can lol.
  14. @dbawel have you been able to reproduce this error with a very basic example? I'd leave Babylon out and just run a simple webgl context.
  15. This isn't a bug in Babylon but just wanted to make people aware firefox isn't taking the fast path and rendering video textures on the cpu. I can't submit a bug till tomorrow. But, if anyone mentions this it's not a babylon issue.