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  1. Very interesting announcement from Microsoft today about opening up Xbox Live to indie games. What is required to get Phaser on the list of supported engines?
  2. I've seen something close to that used by Phaser Editor.
  3. Great point! Adobe would be wise to commit resources (e.g. money and/or developers) towards integrating the Animate IDE with as many web game engines and libraries as possible. Positioning Animate CC as a tool for game/level design and asset creation/management would add significant value. Hopefully, they aren't content with it being used solely for cartoon animation and HTML5 ads.
  4. I just saw the announcement that the Adobe's rebranded version of Flash Professional (Animate CC) is now available. I used Flash for demos and games back in the v4/5 days, but it's been a while since I used it for a project. However, I always found the Flash IDE itself as a great tool for vector art and animation--the Timeline and Tweening tools were always fun to work with. I know that recent versions had CreateJS export options, but was wondering if anyone ever experimented with integrating PhaserJS or if something like this is even possible with the recent update (I noticed that "custom export formats" is listed as a feature). Does anyone think this will ever be possible or will Animate CC be just another tool for generating sprite sheets?
  5. Creature looks amazing! I noticed from the docs that WebGL support is required; have you tested Creature animations in current mobile web browsers?