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  1. I'm uploading a free version of RRO2 it's the latest version for the dedicated server. No promises that ill upload future versions. You are free to distribute it to whoever you like, in fact I encourage you to give it to friends to play and trial. virustotal - No engines detected this file.
  2. I have released a compiled RRO2 Server version located here:
  3. We use socket-io to parse messages back and forth from the server. We have currently one server, and each map is an instance containing the players and monsters. This is so less traffic is needed to maintain the world state. It uses what I call a message pump to avoid packet flooding the client in the initial packet and map changes. The renderer re-uses its previous render in optimized mode and loads only the new edges and in smaller screens which are then scaled to fit the user window. Checkout the open client for more information. Just thought I'd update the Player User Interface has had an overhaul and the window backgrounds are pure html/css without images (except the close buttons). I have yet to update the NPC windows as they will require more complex adjustments particularly for lower resolution devices. Enjoy!
  4. The Client has gone Open Source. See:
  5. Hello, Is this project still in active development? If it is I would like to perhaps create an alpha prototype of multiplayer using TCP/UDP and Node.js.
  6. A Retro 2D (2-Dimensional) Overhead Online Cartoon Role-Playing Game for all ages. This requires a online connection. Currently in Open Beta, this features two main classes Ranged and Close Combat. For both classes you will have access to several Skills which each can be upgraded by using them. This shares common classic Role-Playing Game elements, such as Levelling, Exploration, Socializing, Battling, Progressing your Character, Obtainable Items, Weapons and Armor, which can be created and upgraded, Shops, Auctions and a Look Merchant to customize the look of your avatar. We also feature a bonus XP system that will give you Experience just for moving/attacking. It has Player versus Player combat which is unlocked at level 20. The Engine has dynamic map generation which will enable us to create allot of Maps with less effort. It is simple to play, yet has some powerful mechanics that even hardcore players will like. This Engine is in active development so expect updates!! Technical Info: We have a optimized renderer which takes into account re-using scrolled tiles which roughly doubles the performance of the FPS when the camera moves. It also is largely customized from BrowserQuest and Asky's BrowserQuest Engines so map loading is done on the fly. We also have map generators which can build large maps on the fly and the client can switch to one pretty fast (a few seconds). We currently only support Phones and Tablets however we may be looking to make a port to Xbox One. Play for FREE at:
  7. For your first couple of interactive applications I would use a framework. I myself based my code in canvas and granted I could make some optimizations but the hassle of coding is much more complex.
  8. Hello, The methods I used are here: Apologies on the lack of documentation as I am still coding it. Basically each map object needs a array of the tiles it going to use. Then apply the right function to it. The first function supports erosion which removes the underlying tiles for optimization purposes. After the map is generated I simply loaded it in Phaser and bam new map. I'm going to use this code to support Retro RPG Online so it will have a massive amounts of maps. You still may need to tweak the map generator to get your desired results especially the avoiding placements of Objects with other layers. If anybody creates a working dungeon generator please share it, as that is the next thing I will be working on after I get some more resources put into the maps so they are more dynamic.
  9. Hello, I created a Randomly Generated Map with a new system I created and wanted to share with you all the results. It still has some minor bugs but overall its looking pretty good. Dungeons are gonna be hard to auto-generate. This will be part of my upcoming game Retro RPG Online 2. The tiled resources are courtesy of BrowserQuest.
  10. Yes there are especially if your background is scrollable and you have a limited amount of sprites and you box delete them rather than clearing the whole canvas. Checkout the source of you will see I have about 6 used canvases. (the atmosphere ones are not used). edit: Also exclude the unscaled canvases they were an over-optimization gone wrong.
  11. Dont expect to run FPS's with websockets, but otherwise it handles fine for real-time click movement. My engine has sometimes heavy packet loads entering a new map for instance so what I do is pack the messages send them at an interval, and use the client to break up the messages and process a limited amount at a time with a very short delay. It also can compress the very large packets but I think its a bit overkill.
  12. Theres Tynker, its a good introduction to programming and logical structures. But I would recommend you go into the Phaser sandbox and slightly modify the examples to make a simple game that's playable. Once you are confident then you can make pretty powerful games with decent physics.
  13. Hello, I have decided I would like to sell the source code of the Node based Client/Server Engine of Retro RPG Online Trying to gather how much people would be interested in leasing the source for an annual fee. Upon Subscription users can use the source to make there own Online RPG. The Subscribers would also get a say in what gets developed in newer versions. The base code is from Browserquest ( - MPL 2.0) and more code was added to it by Asky ( - MPL 2.0), finally most modifications were done by me. Play it and see for yourself if it is an Engine you would like to have. Any constructive feedback is welcome, thanks. Kind regards, Langerz
  14. Bump. A reminder that the Competition starts in 2 days. It has been changed to the first person to lvl 70 from 1st August UTC at which point we will taking the server offline and performing a complete wipe so Users can have an equal chance at winning.
  15. function clickCupcake(){ cupcake.angle += -10;} sorry - forgot the "+=" See:
  16. The call to updateSessions is 0 so it's trying to run as fast as it possibly can. Try around 50ms or so. Also just a note about the client, I had allot of packets getting received by the client and I solved it by not sending move packets that are not necessary for example out of the screen. I also implemented on the client a packet pump which basically is an array that pushes packets into it, then setting an interval of how long it approximately takes to process a few packets (24ms or so) by staggering the packet processing the FPS was much higher as it is given an opportunity to render the frame in-between. Hope this helps. btw I'm the sole programmer of MaEarth. =D I'm not sure why you call this so often since it's only timing out session after a day. A better option may be setting a time stamp then comparing it with (1000 * 60 * 24) + I say may because I'm not making any assumptions as to what the purpose of elapsing the time is. An elegant alternative is here:
  17. Think I got to about Level 4-5. Is there moving platforms in it? And perhaps moving monsters. Both would add some variety to the game. Otherwise good stuff for a first game.
  18. We have just had a major update. THE LAG - FIXED For one we think we have fixed the lag finally. It was due to all monsters walking around, we adjusted it so only elites and bosses walk around the rest have random spawns within there designated area. PVP - FIXED Now you can enter the PvP Area via the main house to the right of the starting spawn. In the map you will be able to attack players that spawn from the other side and there house. The house upon destruction will give +20% xp for half an hour and will re-spawn every half hour. PETS Allot of people have been asking how do I tame the Monsters. There is an automatic chance a monster will become your pet upon its death. This also takes into account the player level so you cant tame high level Monsters. In future this may change to increase the chances of taming a high level Monster. ARMOR AND WEAPONS Both the Armors and Weapons Level increments have been adjusted to multiples of 4 instead of 2. This was adjusted primarily because we had a shortage of sprites for the archer and because Elites (+) and Bosses (king) drop from +1 to +8 gear. You can always use the Enchant NPC to improve your gear beyond that if you like the look of the gear. REMINDER We will be doing a complete wipe of the User data on August 1st UTC Midnight, and the competition to reach Level 80 first will take effect. The current XP Levels will not be adjusted and will remain the same. 1st Prize $100usd, 2nd and 3rd $50usd each. So what are you waiting for? get practicing. Maearth supports chrome, firefox and Edge at You can also download it on Android Tabs and Phones at the Google Play Store. Maearth - Google Play Store. It's also available on Kongregate.
  19. GAME COMPETITION On 1st August at exactly midnight UTC we will be doing a complete wipe of all users for a new update. The for the Users who reach to level 80 first we will be awarding them a cash prize via PayPal. Entrance is absolutely free. 1st. $100 USD 2nd and 3rd: $50 USD You may play on a shared account however we will not be held responsible if items go missing etc. Cheating in-game will not be tolerated for this competition and fair play rules will be in-place. You may ask why we are running this competition. Well there is a couple reasons, for one we want to stress test the server under a higher load than just a few players. We also want people who have never played the game to get a feel for it and hopefully become long-term players. If your not familiar with the game start playing now to get a feel for the mechanics, however the update may change a few things at our discretion. Happy gaming everyone!!
  20. @TheBoneJarmer Hello again, We have released a new version that has Firefox compatibility: Play MaEarth . No guarantee in future compatibility might break if it does we will eventually get round to keeping up with Firefox.
  21. @TheBoneJarmer Hello, you are right that we should support a major browser like Firefox, however our focus has been getting the code stable before compatibility. We are in the position to get it working with Firefox so we will put it in priority.
  22. We have released a few updates since last post. Mainly the latency issues have been addressed and its a much more stable version. Give it a go it's currently free and in Beta. @Jammy: The graphics are from the original BrowserQuest (BQ) and Airasky's version. The graphics are only meant to be temporary until we can source some funds to re-do all the assets. We are in desperate need of talented pixel artists so we can expand on this game.
  23. There was an issue with the startup server script. It should be fixed and it should connect to the Database fine now.