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  1. Figured I revive this post to share the final progress. I redid the graphics to use WebGL/Three.js, redid the networking to use, and made a standalone package will extra functionality to sell on online stores using node+webkit (NW.js) I really hate marketing, and was having somewhat if a bad/busy time, and didn't end up selling any copies of the game. This turned out to be a good thing, as it allowed me to make the game free and open source without causing any trouble. Here are some links: - The video I was using a trailer - A video of a full game in the final version - Github repo for the game - Website where the game is currently hosted/playable on - Hosting for the node+webkit downloadable versions - Some in-game screenshots from the replay mode:
  2. Added replays the spectate link is now both for spectating and replays, gives you access to the other player's replay link once the game is done. during a game you can use the spectate link to review past plays, or in live mode to view what's happening as it happens Here's a replay link from a game played earlier tonight:
  3. right on, yeah single player was the most commonly requested feature - I should have added it sooner. also, I added 3 new units types: (barge, gunboat, spy plane)
  4. I've added a single-player mode with basic AI: Added to give newcomers a challenge and a way to learn the game. The algorithm is pretty simple, there's no look ahead. The AI creates a list of possible moves and assigns a fitness to each one, then executes the fittest move or end's his turn if he has no moves left.
  5. Thanks, all good suggestions. I'll set it up to default to edge scroll and give an option in the settings menu to disable it. AI is a big can of worms, but I'm putting thought into a clean/quick way to implement it. Noticing in my server logs only about 10% of people who start matches actually get to play games, so I agree it's probably a very good feature to add.
  6. The help page is linked to from the settings menu: - For controls it's right mouse drag or WASD or arrow keys to move the map (check the help for more controls) - Maps are symmetrical, so your opponent is always somewhere on the other side of the map - Cities produce resource, the other buildings (besides walls) allow you to buy new units, walls are just walls (check the help for more information) - No single player yet, I'm thinking about it though.
  7. Thanks, glad you like it. I'll put scaling those dialogs to fit on my todolist, as well as looking into the chopper sounds.
  8. Play online here: Uses node, expressjs, mongodb in the backend, and canvas, jquery, soundjs on the front end
  9. Made this for the SMU Hack-a-week (St Mary's University, Halifax, Canada) back in May of this year, won the open category with it. Game: Github: Development videos: Development screenshots: WhiteFish is a physics based fishing game, with rod, line, and fish physics. Three different species of fish, three different rods, and three different lures. You buy better gear by earning money for catching fish, the goal is to enjoy yourself at times when you can't go fishing in RL. Some screenshots taken of the newest version: