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  1. @smatt Ahhhh!!! I was coding late and on 5 hours of sleep. I'm dumb. Thanks!!
  2. Hello all, I'm trying to programmatically create a cylinder using the following: var cylinder = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateCylinder("wormhole", {diameter: 1, tessellation: 24}, this.resourceStore["GameScene"]); cylinder.position = BABYLON.Vector3(-0.56, 1.27, 1.235); and it is throwing a TypeError: e is undefined with the following trace: o</i.prototype.copyFrom() babylon-2.4.min.js:1 t</i.prototype.computeWorldMatrix() babylon-2.4.min.js:6 o</i.prototype._evaluateActiveMeshes() babylon-2.4.min.js:10 o</i.prototype._renderForCamera() babylon-2.4.min.js:11 o</i.prototype._processSubCameras() babylon-2.4.min.js:11 o</i.prototype.render() babylon-2.4.min.js:11 GameManager.prototype.initialize/</textTask.onSuccess</<() GameManager.js:191 bound () self-hosted c</o.prototype._renderLoop() babylon-2.4.min.js:4 bound () self-hosted Any ideas? Everything works fine (i.e. scene loads, textures show, materials work, controls work). I have noticed lately that my textures seem to disappear at a particular camera but the geometry is still there. Not sure if its related.
  3. @Deltakosh I totally forgot about this thread, but could really use some input here. The text quality of the Text2D class is not so great (at least for me). In fact some letters like the lowercase "y" have an artifact flying above. I tried poking around to see how Text2D is implemented and I was thinking of writing a plugin to used a signed distance field to get nice crisp text. Specifically, I want to use a texture atlas with glyphs made by this program ( The problem however is you need to use a specific shader to get it to work. Also, I've been thinking of making a GUI that I might like to make a texture atlas for buttons and would like to apply that to Rectangle2D. This is a long term goal, but for now I would like to get the text working nicely.
  4. Actually I hadn't figured this out so thanks! Exactly what I was looking for!
  5. @RaananW Awesome! Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for and it works great!
  6. I have a material in JSON format as per How can I parse and use this as a material in my scene?
  7. I've been looking around the documentation, but cannot find how to exclude certain meshes in Blender from exported (i.e. I want them in Blender, but not in the .babylon file). Also, how do I set a target object in Blender for the follow camera? If I can't its no big deal, but since I'm getting a warning I was wondering if there was a way to handle that.
  8. The environment is actually a room with a white ceiling, blue wall, and a wood textured floor. I've only browsed skymap texturing though I would like to read more about it.
  9. @Deltakosh I'm trying to avoid PBR since it either doesn't work or works slowly on my Android. @jellix Thanks for the tip! I'll look into reflection maps. What about the glossy / shiny effect? Is that a specular parameter or also reflection?
  10. Hello all, I was just curious how you guys about making a metal effect material in BJS. I see both the V8 and heart demo seems to have such an effect. I've looked at the Heart.babylon file, but its a biiiiiiiiig mess and I'm not sure what I'm looking for / at in there. I'd prefer not go PBR since I'd like to (if possible) run on mobile. I really just want a shiny bright metal look. Any ideas?
  11. @gyrff AWESOME!!! That LEDTrim material was downloaded from somewhere so I didn't even realize it was procedural. I put the hit box there for clicking purposes....I usually set it as invisible when loaded in BJS. The 8's I set dynamically since the material changes as I cycle the digits. You really saved me here! I appreciate it!
  12. @gryff This is exactly it!! What was going wrong??
  13. Here you go! Thanks for taking a look! Gameboard.blend
  14. @gryff Thanks for the quick reply. Sure. It's attached to this post. Do you need the textures? Gameboard.blend
  15. I have the latest Blender exporter (4.6.1) and I am trying to export a model that has some faces textured via UV Unwrap and other faces are just a plain old color. When I export the model it only exports a single material for the textured faces and applies that texture to the non-unwrapped faces as well. The material with just a color does not get exported. I was considering getting the face indexes from Blender and trying to sub-mesh this thing, but the indexes are not nice ranges and Babylon doesn't seem to have a function that would take an array of faces to submesh. Any ideas? I think this worked in a previous version (its been awhile since I've used Babylon last).