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  1. durb


    I'm glad that I found this forum. Great place full of great developers!
  2. Great game! I hope someday I will build this quality game.
  3. durb


    Hello friends! I made a game and I want to show it to you and get your feedback. Threemium Simple match-3 game with casual gameplay and pixel-art design. It is presentational version and all bonuses included from the beginning. The game is finished. http://www.googledrive.com/host/0B2HIL1OJblVrfmp3dzdpLWxTd2tNTUlIUDdNTDF5RjY4eC1VS01WS1BlakFvZ0NtUENZVEU/
  4. What did you make games in before you made HTML5 games? -Indie games for Windows. Why did you learn to make HTML5 games? -HTML5 game development will be profitable in future, I think. Who have you made HTML5 games for? -Made 2 games just to test the current situation in the market.
  5. People, what do you think, is there any possibility to return situation of 2013 year? Seems like it became very difficult to sell your games to sponsors. What about future?