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  1. Hello, I'm using Phaser with the Box2d Plugin. I'm having some issues with contact callbacks. I have a "wallContactCallback" to trigger when a body collides with any wall. This works correctly with any game that does not have a scrollable camera view. However, as soon as I set up a camera view, the callback is no longer triggered. Even though my bodies still collide with the walls, the callback still does not trigger. Has anybody seen an issue like this before? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I would like to use the Phaser Box2d Plugin on a mobile device to handle multiple touch inputs. As of now, box2d creates/destroys the mouse joint on each input down/up, respectively. Is there a way to work around this to allow for multi-touch mobile games? Thanks in advance. gameblox
  3. I am using Phaser with Box2d and my system allows the user to enable/disable the properties "passthrough" and "collide with edges" for each body. "Passthrough" = pass through other bodies. "Collide with edges" = react to collisions with the walls. This setup generates 5 categories of bodies: 1 - walls (should collide with bodies of category 2 and 4) 2 - "passthrough" + "collide with edges" (should collide with bodies of category 1) 3 - "passthrough" + "not collide with edges" (should collide with nothing) 4 - "not passthrough" + "collide with edges" (should collide with bodies of category 1, 4 and 5) 5 - "not passthrough" + "not collide with edges" (should collide with bodies of category 4 and 5) I have set up collision filtering to meet these criteria. It works. My issue is that my system does not provide any collision information when one body passes through another. I would like to implement a function isTouching(instanceID) that allows me to determine if a body is touching another body, given their instance IDs. I have tried making these "passthrough" bodies sensors, but that makes them pass through all bodies, including walls. This doesn't work because, for example, bodies of category 2 should still collide with the walls. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks.