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  1. Yeah that's a good idea! I haven't done a pull request before so Ill look into it and if you haven't beat me to the punch Ill attempt to make one!
  2. Thanks! Good to be back. After a little bit of digging I don't think it is supported yet but... i'm not sure if it's the right way but it seems to work anyway as I know nothing about c++.... In this file I just switched the X and Y indices, inverted the Z normal and Z vertex positions. There is probably a lot more to it so ya Ill just stick to the left handed system for now lol
  3. Hey, I recently found the need to ignore backfaces when picking... Just by adding line 38 I am able to do so... Might be a cool feature to implement?? maybe..... scene.pick(x, y, predicate, fastCheck, camera ,backface ??)
  4. Hello! Its awesome to see support for a right handed coordinate system, since my main application is Maya it helps. But I am wondering if the FBX Exporter supports exports to the right handed coordinate system? Thanks!
  5. apple will come out with somethng eventually, there just a little slow, They have hired and bought companies that are vr related but who knows. haha in that case youtube or facebook 360 video makes more sense but I get your point
  6. Note that this is just my experience with mobile webVR using it with a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift is more than likely different since its tethered to a PC with alot more power. In my babylon particular case even with a simple scene like a cube it still lags behind, I dont know the exact issue What make a vr experience sickening or not? There are alot of factors but basicly any rotation done by not done by the user rotating their head will make you sick and yeah FPS. I would recommend getting a gear vr and trying it out, you will know what I am talking about right away.
  7. Thats pretty cool that weta is looking to view all their 3d assets through the browser, if any framework its definitely babylon! I perfer plugging the phone into the usb now that way you can take advantage of the picker in the center of the display to select things etc. As for code its rather simple with babylon so I dont think there is really anything to point out to get you started. But there is probley someone with more experience using babylon might say differently. I find using mobile webvr is great for a few things, watching 360 movies, panoramas, even browsing the internet is awesome! But using it with babylon just isnt there yet, I haven't seen a babylon or a three js scene where I dont feel sick using it. So just note your vr experience isn't going to be perfect compared to making a .apk definitely would be interested in seeing whatever you come up with!
  8. Hey!I have the galaxy s6 and the gear VR, While I haven't focused on babylonjs and the Gear VR too much since i decided to use unity for the VR Experience. But I might be able to answer a few things. So when you plug your camera into the gear vr headset it automatically launches the oculus app. There is a trick that I have been using to avoid that, I do have the developer edition so it might not work on the consumer version of the Gear vr. I basicly flip the flap with the usb connection and squeeze it in so it doesnt use the usb ( big pain in the but) BUT Samsung released an update not too long ago and it make it so much easier which basicly allows you to browse the web using the oculus app. Its alot of fun. So you will have access to the button controls on the gear vr and wont have to to any of that nonesense ^^. since you dont have the gear VR yet, here is what browsing the internet on your gear vr looks like:
  9. Hey guys, I am wondering if someone can explain the cause of this? (pan the camera around you should see black lines going crazy) Basicly whenever I use the material.freeze() on a mesh then create instances of that mesh then create another mesh using the same material as the instanced mesh all together everything goes crazy. Is it just recommended not to share materials with instanced meshes? Thanks!
  10. this also happens with other meshes I took a playground from the docs and just changed the camera to a free camera. if you pan up and down you will see the mesh disappear
  11. Hey! I am wondering what I am doing wrong here. ( Pan camera from left to right in the playground to see the line mesh disapearing) Basically I want to create a line mesh then alter the points positions later on First I created the line mesh with all points at Zero then I modified the path using this: mesh = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateLines(null, path, null, null, mesh); which works successfully but the problem is whenever the original line mesh is not in view of the camera( At point Zero) the line mesh is disappearing. thanks!