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  1. Note5 or Galaxy S6 has devicePixelRatio of 4, how do you guys handle different image to be responsive to all the different device aspect ratio and devicePixelRatio?
  2. Hi, I think my Phaser app is running quite stable on Cocoonjs. I want to integrate Admob stuff in now. Did anybody done that before? Any references? Its really hard to find any in web too..
  3. Hi I hope to visualize physics body of a sprit, how would you do that?
  4. Created a game based on machine learning. Allows people to create their own map and artificial neural network will try to learn its pattern and create map based on player's gameplay. Have Fun! Enjoy!
  5. When I open my game from mobile facebook app (through the link of post), I get the bottom part cutted. Is there any work around?
  6. Hi, I am making my background with tileSprite, and it seems like it has the line between tiles.. As below image.. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, How would I shorten the gap for bottom or top within the list component (see the attachment)
  8. Hi all, I hope to hear about which one is really good or recommended advertisement company? I heard LeadBolt is good but I don't know if they have video ads for mobile web apps? Any suggestions?
  9. How to create UI like this(attached photo)? EZGUI does not seems to have this feature.. I know EZGUI has stack of buttons but not UI that has button inside of it. Any suggestions?
  10. How do I give collision on to only top part of the world bounds? paddle.body.collideWorldBounds = true;
  11. Hi, Is there a way to stop at the last frame of the sprite animation? rather than just destroy as it ends?
  12. Hi, If I am loading asset sprite image per devicePixel like if (window.devicePixelRatio === 3) this.load('assets/image@3.png') else if (window.devicePixelRatio === 2) this.load('assets/image@2.png') else this.load('assets/image.png') would this cause downloading all 3 image from server or just 1??
  13. * 0.58, * 0.65, 'hello', { font: headingFont, fill: "#fff", align: 'right', }); I am setting align text to 'right' like above but it does not get applied.