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  1. you're right, not sure what i was thinking, maybe iOS
  2. one thing to consider is if you use cordova and publish an app out of your html/js game then that's a pretty strong way of hiding the code since people with the app won't be able to break it down back to js
  3. semk

    Pixi V4 + lights?

    Hi all, I've just seen that Pixi is now on version 4 which is awesome. From what I recall the pixi-lights plugin for v3 was left on the back burner for v4. Now that v4 is here does anyone know that status on the lights and ray casting?
  4. Updated to fix a couple low performance/fps moments and also high score now syncs properly. Please download and play if you have iOS, android coming soon. Let me know your opinions please, it's always important for us creative types!
  5. Hi all, I've managed to get my game up on the app store now. The people here have helped me along in my HTML5 game dev and I'm much appreciative. https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=1113280998&mt=8
  6. Actually I've shelved the webgl project for now and am trying to get my famous.js version running instead. Things work great until I try to test the Game Center integration, I can get it to login but when I try to showLeaderboards or submitScore, the game freezes. I've validated that my Cocoon.GameCenter.Interface exists and isLoggedIn but still freeze after trying and getting no where, i started to integrate the admob plugin and again, same thing, when i call createInterstitial the game just freezes, and this is all through the dev app compilation with both plugins (cocoon so
  7. Thanks man, with your experience i hope we can fix my issues Here's how I load my file and my canvas is created dynamically anyway for the framework that i use: "wrapped.js" is everything for my app, matter.js + ivank.js + myapp and this is the error i see (error.png attached), it says range size exceeded on 'timer' but I don't have a 'timer' anywhere in wrapped.js at all.
  8. this gives me another idea though, i had another prototype made with DOM elements... but it also suffered performance issues once i phonegapped it, maybe nativescript will speed that version up, fingerscrossed I'm not sure what the deal with nativescript is, it seem like they want you to reprogram your app using their api, but they also provide a 'wkwebview' plugin straight for cordova, and there is another one from cordova devs themselves, which is supposed to enhance the performance, but for me it doesn't seem to work (neither one) either no performance gain or doesn't load, and the pl
  9. after messing around with it for the past few days, NativeScript does not look it it supports webgl/canvas elements yet, looks like some work is being put into it but nothing substantial yet https://github.com/NativeScript/nativescript-canvas I've yet to receive any feedback from cocoon.io support either, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn my game into an app... i guess i have to learn swift from the ground up, this is highly disappointing
  10. thanks a lot man! I was able to figure some of this out on my own, and i'm going for iOS firstly so i had to figure out how to do the provisional distribution and stuff to get it to run on my device, yikes so complicated... right now I can't seem to get my game to run on canvas+ it's just a black screen. I'm using ivank.js which is webgl and canvas so i'm pretty sure it should be supported, on webview+ the game looks distorted and some elements are missing/glitched on webview it works fine but with the same performance of phonegap which isn't very nice because i see frequ
  11. I'm trying to make my game for several months now and I've just become very frustrated with the level of difficulty it takes to port an HTML/JS game to mobile (iOS and Android). I was using phonegap which was a bit hard to figure out but eventually pretty straight forward but the problem was performance, I can't stand the jank I have on my game which isn't even very complex. So I saw a few threads of people recommending cocoonjs which is now cocoon.io and it's not so straight forward as they claim it is. First off I have no idea how to actually build my game in cacoon.io even th
  12. cool, I also have a regular 1080p secondary screen that I used to look at the quality, this retina support fix works on the regular display too so I'll stick with this for my project(s) does it have a significant impact on performance? I imagine it would once the scene(s) starts getting busy and complex? at least more so than resolution: 1 ?
  13. Yes, I guess it's only a problem for retina displays then...
  14. I noticed that changing the renderer resolution to 2 makes a huge improvement. Granted it also makes everything a lot bigger, but at least the rendering is very smooth - edit- Heh... i set the canvas CSS zoom property to 50%, works like magic
  15. Ok maybe that title doesn't make sense? The idea is tied to this - https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/27 Basically when the sprite isn't drawn on a perfect pixel location, it gets blurred, not very nice looking. Counter this with CSS3 - translate: rotateZ() - here's a comparison attached, the teal background is pixi.js, the white is CSS3 DOM. What can I do to get pixi to render like CSS3? I'm willing to dig into the renderer code base but I'd need some advice.
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