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  1. Initial SetupUsing last version from GitHubgit clone -b develop Install a local web server. Create a folder on your server, with the name of the project. Copy the content of the src folder of the cloned repository. Open projectfolder/game/main.js in your favorite code editor and start coding!New ProjectSetup config.js ( updated for V. 2 ?) (updated for v.2 ?) Multiresolution Workflow (Updated for V. 2 ?) Useful Tools2DSHOEBOX: YOUTUBE CHANNEL:
  2. -> DEAD LINK
  3. Hi I'm new to PandaJS (yes, another PandaJS's noob) I've read some posts around and looks like a version 2.0 should come soon and using it is safe for productions: Are these page links updated?What is the differences from the cheatsheet and the fiddler?Where is a comparison page between version 1 and version 2?Where is the version 2's API?Some plugins are not working with version 2 (threeJS, Multiplayer, ...)Is there a roadmap?I would like to use PandaJS for creating another cool project to be added in