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  1. I am not able to find "no vertex sharing" option in Blender. I am using Blender 2.75a version. Can anybody tell me where exactly it is? My output is coming like below image:
  2. Thanks gryff, This helped. but I am still confuse about mirror reflection, why is not coming.
  3. Hi, I am getting some weird issues. I have attached a link please do have a look. There are two scenes (Bedroom and kitchen). In bedroom there are few small objects (wardrobe, wall, bed, roof, floor etc.). I implemented mirror texture code, but for some reason I am not getting reflections of floor and bed. Note: for other objects I am getting reflection. Any Idea? Another Issue is in kitchen I tried to use few lights (hemi, spot), but I am not able to use more than 4 lights. How can I use more than 4 lights?
  4. Currently I am using .net framework 4.5. Should I downgrade .net?
  5. Please click on this link. I am using latest version of BJS. I tried with older version also (babylon.2.1.debug.js) but getting same result.
  6. Hello, I am getting a problem while my free camera collides with mesh. Steps Done: 1. Created meshes in Maya (bed, floor, wall) and export these as .fbx 2. Import these .fbx files into blender (turn on check collisions, use flat shading) 3. In blender added light and camera (turn on check collisions, apply gravity for camera). 4. Export as .babylon files. 5. In babylon engine loaded bed using BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load() 6. floor and wall using BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(). while I am walking on ground and colliding with bed it pushing the camera back. Any solution?
  7. >Downloaded "" and Unblocked zip (right click>properties>Unblock). >Extract "". >Copied all files .dll files and "BabylonActionsBuilder" folder into "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\bin\assemblies". >Start 3DS Max. >Max getting hanged. I am using Administrator account. Any solution?
  8. If I remove those .dll files then Max works fine.
  9. I am using Administrator account. Is that the problem with Maya Student Version? Because I am using Maya 2015 Student version.
  10. I am having the same problem. I have: - Max 2015 64-bit - Max2Babylon-0.20 I've done the following: Case 1: - extracted "" - copied the 5 dlls and "BabylonActionsBuilder" folder from the 2015-folder to \3ds Max\bin\assemblies - made sure the files are not locked by windows Case 2: - before extract I went to "" properties and clicked Unblock button. - extracted "" - Checked all .dll properties one by one. There was to Unblock button. - copied the 5 dlls and "BabylonActionsBuilder" folder from the 2015-folder to \3ds Max\bin\assemblies For both cases I got same error message, Please click on below link: Thanks, Somnath
  11. RaananW, Now its working properly. Thanks.
  12. dad72, In this playground (which you have mentioned above), after click on mesh the camera is getting shrink. Thanks, Somnath
  13. Hey RaananW, I tried it in playground, do have a look. In line:84 I have pasted screenshot code. while u click on any mesh it will take screenshot. Even though in playground also I am getting same result. Thanks, Somnath
  14. Hey, I am getting wierd result after taking screenshot using below code: BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, camera, (canvas.width,canvas.height));I am able to take screenshots..that portion works properly. After taking screenshot the render camera getting stratched. Below image is before taking screenshot: below image is after taking screenshot: But after camera stratch even the screenshots are not getting stratched...those are coming proper. Only the render camera is getting stratched. Any idea, how to fix this issue? Thanks, Somnath