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  1. Hello, I've been playing around with what is on pixi.js dev-4.0.0 branch and have found everything to be working except RenderTexture and BaseRenderTexture. I just want to ask if these are still in development... or if I'm possibly using them wrong? RenderTexture.create = function(width, height, scaleMode, resolution) Overall awesome work on pixi-4 so far! We're ready to upgrade our game to v4
  2. awesome! you've really perfected the mechanics
  3. Performance Improvements! We've cleaned up how we use strip (rope) instances, and we've started using texture atlases. Performance should be much better on a wider array of machines
  4. @jamessimo Ty! Ship models are by Angryfly. We used 3dstudio max to render the ship and station models in top-down orthographic, and then embellished the colors in Photoshop. Planets, clouds, and background stars were painted in Photoshop.
  5. Beautiful work, I'm looking forward to trying this out!
  6. The performance issues have been confirmed, and it seems like windows machines were most effected. We've updated the tech demo to v1047, please let us know if you're getting much better FPS rates now. Thank you guys, the feedback has been very much appreciated
  7. We've been able to facilitate some hefty performance improvements, so give the game another try. PLEASE NOTE Your game should say "version 1045" and to the right of that there should be a FPS monitor. If you don't see either of these, that means that there is a cache problem and please let us know right away! (also refresh the browser) We do need to know if people are being served the old version, I thought we nipped that bug already, but if not it'll be a high priority.
  8. hello, could you post what browser you're using, your operating system, and what graphics card you have? We'll see what we can do as far as performance, thank you! Game is pretty heavy shader-wise, and we haven't built out the option to disable them yet
  9. Technology Demo Updated! Demo: http://solarcrusaders.com/ Blog: http://blog.solarcrusaders.com/ Forums: http://forums.solarcrusaders.com/ Previews:
  10. Admittedly my post was misinformed, I posted in this thread thinking it was about forking away from Pixi, even though Phaser has always had its own customized build. I have now brought myself up to speed by browsing these forums. As to the the Phaser banner in the console, we did not remove it on purpose! When we decided to port Phaser to Browserify and integrate it with Pixi.js v3, some of the code simply wasn't carried over. I'll make sure that we put the Phaser banner back in. We also plan to have a Phaser splash screen w/ a link back to Phaser's website once the game is finished. Overall, getting the latest Phaser to work with Pixi v3 was successful, but time consuming. We'd be willing to share the code on Github if its ok. The biggest benefit we have experienced under Pixi V3 is better support for GLSL shaders, like our planet shader. Once again, awesome work! We plan to use Phaser v3 on our next game.
  11. Yes, I got a little too passionate in my original rant Overall, great work, Phaser is by far one of the best code bases I've ever worked with.
  12. I'll let you have this one, without any rebuttal (we live in the code.) But I firmly believe that forking from Pixi has been / is a mistake. Yes you can probably make it slightly better, without relying on libraries you don't like... but WHY?? EDIT: I don't mean to sound crazy, we all make decisions that we think are right, and I firmly believe in your decision. I stand by what you think is the way to go.
  13. Top-down Space Game using the latest WebGL technologies! http://solarcrusaders.com/
  14. Pixi.js and and Phaser.js breaking up is not good for anyone... Especially since HTML5 and WebGL game development is still considered a toy by many professionals. My team and I have been working on a game called Solar Crusaders, and we have the latest Phaser working with the latest Pixi.js 3.0, with somewhat minimal effort... so why is there a fork...? what is going on, why fork off something that already works so well? our tech demo and code can be tested at http://solarcrusaders.com/ For many developers this uncertainty just turns them off from developing using HTML5 and WebGL using Phaser/Pixi ... and mind you, there are strong competing technologies such as BabylonJS. EDIT: I'm somewhat biased, I don't have time to wait for Phaser to create a whole new engine 1+ years from now.
  15. Building a top-down space game using Pixi.js, Phaser.js, and Socket.IO! http://solarcrusaders.com/