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  1. Jonu

    2 Renderer

    i am sorry. i cant share ... .
  2. Jonu

    2 Renderer

    i dont use graphics in both renderers. I have only a object "node" which contains several datas of a mountingstep and the Pixi.Graphic (Rectangle). In the upper canvas i draw this rectangle which i can move with my mouse. In the lower canvas i have a diagramm with utilization of workertypes in percent. these capacities change how i place a mountingstep. Maybe because i use the nodeobjects to create the diagramm, because the data is stored there, i get conflicts ? When i use normal canvas for my diagramm it works fine.
  3. Jonu

    2 Renderer

    yeah i have and it works somehow but a error is popping up in the log serveral times.
  4. Jonu

    2 Renderer

    Hey, in my current Projekt i need two canvas. One for displaying a mountinggraph and the other one for displaying a dynamic diagramm. Can i use two canvas doms and two renderer of pixi or do they interfere with each other ? Thanks in advance Grettings Jonu
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