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  1. Whenever the iPhone has any audio playing (such as music), it cuts out as soon as the app is opened, however my app doesn't have sound functionality (yet). Here is my index.html file: Here is my main.js file: Has anybody seen this issue before? I've been looking for several days for an answer, both in my code and online but no luck.
  2. Hang on a sec JoshLIC! This links to the exact same thread! OMG! You got me! lol
  3. Thank you JoshLIC.. I will check it out!
  4. I know JoshLIC.. I have not found a solution to this problem as of yet. Please make sure you reply if you find one!
  5. The buttons work fine in a browser but when put onto an iOS Device or an Android Device they don't? I'm using the code you've specified. I really don't understand why?
  6. That doesn't seem to work either?
  7. I don't have a console, using Xcode, console.log("test"); does nothing.
  8. This doesn't seem to work for me? I used this: this.homeButton =, homeButtonY, 'homeButton'); this.homeButton.inputEnabled = true;, this); I can't figure out why?! The sprite displays and everything runs fine but nothing happens when I click it?
  9. I had this exact problem when I was using Dropbox to store my files. I found that if you replace a file it won't work.. However if you save it as a new file, delete the old one and rename the new one to your desired name, it will work?
  10. Hi, This works when I run it in cordova: game.input.onUp.add(jump, this); However this doesn't: enPlayButton.onInputDown.muff.add(PlayFunction, this); And when I change it to use the first example, like so: enPlayButton.input.onUp.add(PlayFunction, this); It still won't work.. Does anyone know why? Here is the full code if you need it: First example is on line 1728. Second example is on line 554.
  11. Hi, Touch input works on iOS but not Android? Here is the click code I'm using: enPlayButton = game.add.button(enPlayButtonX, enPlayButtonY, 'enPlayButton', PlayFunction, this);enOptionsButton = game.add.button(enOptionsButtonX, enOptionsButtonY, 'enOptionsButton', OptionsFunction, this); enPlayButton.inputEnabled = true;enOptionsButton.inputEnabled = true;
  12. I'm afraid this doesn't work.. The buttons are still not clickable
  13. I'll read more on it, thanks for the help!
  14. Also, another problem with my code.. When the gameState is set to "Menu", it has 2 buttons. These buttons do not work however. Adding a breakpoint I see it doesn't ever get to line 441. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
  15. Hi, I'm making a game with a friend, we have gotten quite far into the development, except the physics has never worked? We keep adding to the game whilst also trying to fix it.. We've evidently had no luck I think when the gameState is set to "Menu", the gravity seems to work, however not when it's set to "Playing". Here is the code: Thanks in advance!
  16. Mattward

    Physics Help

    Hi, I am making a game with a friend, but our Physics System won't work. We know it's because it can't get past line 215 as it gives us the Error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'velocity' of undefined" Here is the code: Thanks in advance!