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  1. Hello to everybody, I wanted to share with you my first HTML5 game! The idea behind the game is very simple: collect all the coins you need in order to pass the level before the time expires. Sound simple? No it's not, it's actually very challenging and you will probably hate and love this game at the same time (but please just don't blame me if you will eventually drop your macbook pro out of the window). You can play it and/or get more informations trough this link. I'm looking forward to get some feedback from this community, please give me your suggestions. At present I'm selling it
  2. Solved using: myButton.onInputOver.add(function(button,pointer){ button.input._pointerData[pointer.id].isDown = true; button.isDown = true;},this);
  3. I'm trying to build a button for mobile devices with the following characteristics: The button goes down when there is a pointer in a down state over itThe button goes up when there are no pointers in a down state over itvar myButton = game.add.button(x,y,'myButton');myButton.inputEnabled = true;myButton.onInputDown.add(goDown,myButton);myButton.onInputOver.add(goDown,myButton);myButton.onInputUp.add(goUp,myButton);myButton.onInputOut.add(goUp,myButton);function goUp(){ this.isDown = false;}function goDown(){ this.isDown = true;}Everything works fine except for when the button go
  4. It looks like when the tint of a text is changed the content of the text is memorized and showed again when we come back to the new tint. This problem come up only when using canvas. I created an example in order to better show the problem (pause and resume the countdown a couple of times to see the problem): http://jsbin.com/jinicofega/edit?js,output
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