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  1. I like GMS for larger games like platformers and stuff.
  2. Because I wanted the opportunity to do it, and at the same time to use a language that wasnt only just useful inside its own IDE(GML) although logic does remain the same anyways so I shouldnt let that bug me very much anymore.
  3. I apologies, I didnt clarify what I wanted to do on each platform. For me its more like...casual games for web, larger story or more action orientated games for pc/mobile. You are right there probably isnt any sort of market for long form story games for web right now, its more like what game can I load up quickly and play while waiting in the car or something.
  4. @ecv Thank you very much for taking the time to type out that long reply. Trust me, It sounded way more ranty in my head.An I always disliked reading one of those "Can this engine build an mmorpgfps/rts!, we just started out and we really want to build this awesome type of game and make tons of money." On forums and I feel that is what I am doing now. I want to learn Javascript but I think I will do it outside the a game development mindset for a bit and probably stick with GMS, If I ever want to venture into 3D Ill take a look at another option from there. Ive heard JS is similar to GML but I dont really see the similarities, maybe because I havent dug far enough into each one? I dunno..... @rich I guess my end goal would be tto be able to create / sell web game licenses but to also be able to spend time on large projects that can also tell a great story that captivates players? Probably unrealistic at the moment and I should focus on one of those goals for 2017. I think ill stick with GMS because it does currently fit the bill and does work fast but I really cant wait to see what you have planned next for phaser/Lazer. When I was doing some of the tutorials I got I really kinda had fun doing them. So I think ill always keep a base knowledge of it so It wont take me as long to relearn it if I ever want to switch over to it fully. I guess them pet projects would be fair, I dont mind spending money into it and fully expect to as long as my bills are paid off. I am really both proud and ashamed at myself because I did sell a web game to someone who wanted an item game to give out promo codes. I made it in GMS and looking back on the project file and seeing the mistakes I made and things I should of handled a little better I kinda am ashamed because I keep thinking how did I ever sell it.....Anyways, I guess it would be starting out as a pet project but hopeful career sometime in the late future.
  5. I agree learning unity would be in anyones best interest for development as part of the toolset but if my only goal for the forseable future is 2D games and webgames for multiple devices usung the browser then it falls down to using an engine/framework actually designed for 2D. Not like unity where, although 2D support is growing it was more of an afterthought.
  6. What if you arent just going for the ability to make html5 games, but also console specific like Desktop? I know Elliots Quest was made using Impact.js as is a pretty cool game, but would something like that have been better off made in an Engine like GMS or similar engine?
  7. Im trying to follow along with some HeartBeast Udemy tutorials I have had laying around, trying to it for GMS2. Difficult but I have a list of obsolete functions tabbed so slow going but sorta still going. Havent figured out how to scrolling backgrounds yet so kinda skipped that part.
  8. Thank you both for your response, I think I will stick with GMS2. That UI though is a major departure from their previous in 1.4, Ill get used to it though one way or another.
  9. Hello Everyone (incoming rant alert), So as the title suggest I hate to be one of these people that posts "Can this make this kind of game?" type people and I know realistically the answer is usually A) Yes and / or B ) It depends on your skill / resources.I really need to put my brain to rest so much worrying about it but anyways I will get right to it as quickly as possible. So I I love the idea HTML5 presents with being able to make a game and play on any browser you want(for the most part). An the technology is growing, ive been reading different blog posts saying the tech is ready to enter into mainstream video game development, but what if I dont want to make games that are JUST casual style games? I want to actually be able to build story driven games and action rpg games as well, It is just me right now but I hope to get good enough with a particular method to be able to actually get some other people together to make a decent team. I do have friends that are Artist but I dont want to bother them until I actually have some skills to show for it. I have picked up GameMaker Studio for a bit now, attempting to relearn it but GMS2 although it looks and functions as a great engine alot of stuff bugs me about it. I liked the simple clean interface of GMS1.4, but Yoyo has made it clear they wont make a GMS2 UI similar to GMS1.4 cant blame them for that. I am sure I will get used to it eventually, but it bugs me that GML is only useful inside GMS other then general logic. Then that brings me to Unity, once again a great / powerful engine but c# is hard for me to learn and the inability for their web export to support mobile browsers kinda bugs me I would like to be able to make multi browser games or atleast have it an option you know? So finally Phaser(or some similar Js framework) Ive seen some wonderful examples of it "Tale of the Undead Princess" really caught my eye, not to mention Html5 is knowledge I can take outside of GameDevelopment into a real world job.I guess I am not really worried about whether or not Phaser can be used to create the kind of games I want, but would It be like reinventing the wheel / more difficult using it vs an Engine like GMS or Unity? I really just kinda dont know, my basic thought process for the last few weeks has been something like......Well, Unity is a powerful engine I can use it for 2D and 3D, but I really dont care about 3D right now so if my main focus is 2D why not use an actual 2D engine, one thats built for 2D not added better 2D support along the lines. So GameMaker Studio, but wait GML? Okay I can understand It somewhat but what about outside GMS? What use would it be then, might as well go Phaser.js it seems to be able to create the kind of 2D games GMS can, and Html5 is pretty useful for WebDevelopment so yay bonus points! What if I want to hit a console specific device though? I could wrap it using Phonegap or Coccoon.js or some similar type of wrapper.....but I might as well go GMS then which I think compiles it into a more native form and isnt just a webview.....but Unity has more console options then GMS and I have to buy the exports I would want to use......" You get the idea right? my brain then just loops back around never ending. I really need to sit down and focus to learn one engine/framework and stick with it but my brain is so indecisive as to what I want to use. If Phaser.js (assuming I have the right experience / skills) can make the kind of games I want then I would be happy to stick with it...then probably learn Unity in the future if I ever want 3D. I want to be able to make games like Momodoro or Deaths Gambit combat Rpgs or story driven games. I guess I can just suck it up and Use GMS2 though...I dunno. The trouble is I know what I want, but I dont know what I need or what is right for me. TL:DR: When it comes to 2D for multiple platforms / Ease of use. What do you guys prefer Phaser or GMS1.4(GMS2)? Thanks for reading and sorry for the possible facepalms you guys my have suffered from reading this post.
  10. Hello Everyone, So I am reading through the Introduction to Phaser,js Game Development book by Travis Faas and It is talking about setting up Yeoman, Bablify and a bunch of other stuff saying it will help the process and make it easier to minify and stuff with Node.js and Grunt. It really necessary? Kinda seems like a pain in the butt to do to go through all these command prompts to do it, I really dont want to sound lazy about doing it but It does seriously come off like that. Just what is the benefit and is it actually necessary? Thanks for reading, WaywardSpirit
  11. I feel dumb that it was a simple issue of uninstall and reinstall. Thanks Bruno and Matt for the replies so far it appears to be working.
  12. Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading this, I am having issues install the Yeoman scaffolding program and grunt.js. When doing npm install yo -g I run into this error. Ive installed Node.js prior to this but still having issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I cant afford to rip out anymore of my hair.
  13. I got a problem, any tips would be awesome because it has become my downfall consistently. Everytime I start up a tutorial or start reading one of the books I have on game dev whatever engine im using be it phaser or unity or recently unreal I start yawning like hell and become unable to focus. Im not actually tired but I just start yawning. I am really trying to learn but it gets seriously distracting and I cant help it
  14. Hello Everyone, I am trying to figure out how to count steps taken by a player when they are walking for an idle like game I want to make that revolves around steps taken to complete a mission for an android game. I am having a hard time using google to search for any direction or advice because the search results are giving me how to count frame by frame steps and such. Any advice or tips would be really appreciated. Thank you, WaywardSpirit