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  1. Greetings I stopped running the site a few years ago and gave it to a friend of mine to run. So I no longer have any direct say in what games are added. You may wish to contact her. Her e-mail is at the bottom right hand corner of the website.
  2. YUI3 works great for games that are DOM based. My next game will be WebGL and I don't plan on using YUI at all for that game. I've been using YUI for over 6 years now. My previous web game used YUI2. As for monetizing it, I've thought about what I might do some day, if it gets popular, but I won't do any monetizing at all unless it becomes popular enough that monetizing will be worth it. Regardless of how popular it becomes or not, I'll be keeping it online
  3. Thanks! I use YUI3 to animate things, but the card engine and rules and back end are all written from scratch. On the server side is Node.js using websockets (sockjs) for communication to the browser. Thanks! I built the whole thing as a multiplayer card game "engine" so it's pretty easy for me to add a new game. Some day I do want to allow other people to create their own card games. Being JavaScript on both client and server means it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to allow people to code up their own games. That will take some work though, as I need to make a stricter/cleaner API, think about security concerns (sandbox?), etc. However it is something I would like to do some day. As far as open sourcing all of the code, I currently don't have any plans to do it, but maybe some day
  4. Hello everyone! For the past several months I have been working on a new HTML5 web game. It is called World of Card Games and can be found here: It is a collection of popular multilpayer card games such as Spades, Hearts and Go Fish. Here are some screenshots: Currently it has the following features:Guided tutorials for each game Robot players Private tables 8 decks 90+ wallpapers 100+ avatars I still have lots of things I want to add in the future. Such as:New Games: Euchre, Rummy, Whist, Canasta and more New Features: Statistics, ratings, sound, leaderboards and more I would greatly appreciate any bug reports, comments or suggestions Thanks!