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  1. @wo997 I don't have much experience in this but babylon.js parametric shapes might be the right way to go.
  2. @wo997 You mean like a circle or irregular shape?
  3. @wo997 I would be happy to help as all my projects are too complex to do alone anyway.
  4. @wo997 Well there is the water material extension which creates nice looking water.
  5. @Pryme8 Wow, you basically described my whole game idea! Though mine includes a playable character and building.
  6. @Wingnut fair enough and @Pryme8 I'll look into it.
  7. @Wingnut Sorry there's been no updates. Just had an idea though. If you forget that there is normal issues fro now, but what is when you are mining and your are close to the edges of a chunk you could possibly merge them together and do mining like that and then you could delete that mesh on mouse up and update the vertices of that other to meshes? Maybe if there was an array of edge of chunk vertices to check if you are near the edge and then if (vetices == edge) then merge, else dont merge? It might by inefficient for doing LOD every frame but maybe every few frames or not at all for now?Like this idea or is there other ideas you might have.
  8. I'm keeping this forum open though.
  9. @Pryme8 I will look into adding new features to the babylon.js voxel mesher I found but I'm back off to school so don't know how much free time I'll have.
  10. @Pryme8 So you would create a mesh out of cubes? I saw a babylon.js voxel mesher that could be edited to support textures and other stuff, but if I can get away with it I would use do it the way that WorldMonger does mining.
  11. @Pryme8 is that more efficient or easier?, because i'll look into it if it is.
  12. In case anyone would like to see a demo of what project I'll include this is, view it here Maybe someone might find some useful code in there for one of the projects there working on who knows? Controls: arrows/WSAD to move. Left click to place block/ right click to remove block. Tab to toggle between mining and placing blocks and same controls as block placing for mining.Going to work on ui.
  13. @Pryme8 that is awesome (and also my end goal too)!
  14. @Pryme8 So I'm right in saying that it will be editable as in digging/mining? If so I'll be happy to see a demo some point in the future. In the mean time I will work on other parts of the game like building and rockets and stuff.