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  1. Thank you for your detailed review! I'm aware of the lack of interactivity, I tried to reduce the time spent waiting but it seems that I need to do more than that. I found the title cool but you are right, it does not fit the game at all.. As for refresh problems in IE, I think it is due to canvas growing at each level. It is a real problem but refreshs are almost ok on chrome and firefox. Finally, thank you for your report on consistency and clarity of the game.
  2. Link : http://benjaminlouradour.github.io/ Hi everyone! I'm here to introduce my very first game, named "Saving Private Redsquare". The game: You control Redsquare, and must avoid ennemies on your way to destroy the Mad Rectangle King. There are 42 levels, among them 4 bosses. The rest of the levels are based on dodging waves of ennemies. Canvas is changing a little among the levels. The development: I have been working for almost a year, coding from time to time. To be honest, I did not plan the game at all: I wanted to learn how to use canvas and how to build games. This means that the game was made step by step, adding new way for me to play with the canvas. This is why it may be repetitive and poorly structured, but I really enjoyed doing it and I tried to make it entertaining and challenging. All development was made with native Javascript and just a bit of Jquery. All graphics are made with canvas drawing, there are no image at all. Musics were made using Soundbox. All the code is available here if you are curious. If you have any feedback, issues, advices ; just let me know! Thank you all!
  3. Nice stuff ! Your graphics are polished, since you have got different layers. It is very easy to understand what is going on. I particularly like the background, the line on top of the way, and the menu.
  4. Hi ! I enjoy it, it is nice and polished. Same remark, I had the 'Cannot read property 'x' of undefined' error once. For PC users you may consider to enable user to start / restart the game using keyboard. It is really frustrating to go click and immediatly have to play with keayboard after. Otherwise the game responded as I thought, and it was enjoyable.
  5. Pretty nice and challengefull. Same remark as previous posts on text font and feedback. The starting of levels and the help at the beginning are a bit slow, but that is ok. You can skip it in options. I really like the help menu, very detailled.
  6. Buuwelka

    Rhythm Dungeon

    Hey ! Nice game :3 ! Very cool arts and audio. A few small interface remarks though (played on PC) : - consider adding a "mute sound" somewhere. Some people would like to play without it. Or even better, add several levels of sound (including mute). - since the game is played on keyboard on PC, the pause button is annoying to get. Consider using a shortcut ('P', 'Esc'). Keep the actual button though, for mobile players. - your Facebook and Twitter buttons do not work - Help is not clear enough. It took me a few tries before I could understand how to play, when to press what, etc. You could add a few steps in Help so you understand the goal, commands. - You can not come back to main screen when you are in hero selection. You should add it for people who realised they did not read the Help for example. - You can buy heroes but you don't see your total earned points Otherwise I really enjoyed it !