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  1. Hi I'm developing an Opensource tool(Wrappit temporary name) for wrap up the HTML,HTML game to run in Window Application , by using Chromium engine. The tool will provide JS binding some command to manage some feather of Window app such as ScreenSize , Maximize , File Access and other. Additional is version management tool able to update html file in local. I wanna know your opinion any suggestion or require any feature about this project.
  2. Hi I have problem with tilelayer collide the problem is TileLayer Collide not move follow tilelayer when is move tilelayer. map = this.add.tilemap('lilmap');map.addTilesetImage('map','map_atlas');this.backgroundLayer = map.createLayer('Background'); this.backgroundLayer.fixedToCamera =false; this.backgroundLayer.x += 40; // move tilelayer +40 and i try position() too the result my tile is moved but tile collide still at same place. I attach result image. how can i fix it or another way for move tilelayer to center of screen. thank you.