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  1. Thanks for the feedback! It wasn't directly inspired by Tilt to Live, although it's pretty similar. I guess with such a simple game mechanic it's bound to have been done many times before. I know it's pretty basic, but I didn't want to take on an overly ambitious project right away. Maybe I'll work on mobile interaction if I decide to pursue this idea further.
  2. Hi all, This is the first game that I've made by myself in HTML5, although I'm not that new to programming in general. It's name is pretty self-explanatory. You use the arrow keys or WASD to move about, and you click on the screen to shoot in that direction. Enemies spawn randomly outside the screen at an ever-increasing rate, and if even one of them touches you, you die. Luckily for you, they don't come straight at you. Instead, they essentially follow a delayed (and invisible) version of you. This makes it possible to slip between their ranks, as becomes necessarily as you progress farther into the game. Play the game here: http://git.io/swarm I made the game in pure HTML5 (Javascript), and it took me a decent chunk of a day. I spent a couple more hours spread out over the next few days on record storage, nicer menus, and of course, bug fixes. If you want to see the code, you can check out its GitHub repo here. The graphics are really basic, since I didn't want to spend time making sprites, but I actually kind of like its retro aesthetic. I tested out a couple of new features, but in the end they made the game less fun. If you have any suggestions or critiques for this game or for future games, I'd love to hear them. Screenshots
  3. Pretty cool implementation of Set (which, by the way, I also liked). If you're looking to improve it, you might redesign the menu so that it looks a bit nicer, and you might add some more functionality in terms of how the game is played. Perhaps you could make the number of groups not reset after you play through all the cards. Alternatively, you could treat each reset as the end of a "round" and display the time it took you to complete it as your "score". Those are just some suggestions -- the game is pretty good as it is!
  4. Nice tutorial overall! I like the idea of explaining everything instead of just telling people what to copy and paste, although maybe the detail is a bit to much. Also, if the target audience is complete beginners, and introduction explaining HTML5 and Phaser might be helpful. Otherwise, great job!
  5. Hi all, The name of my game, "Dodge the Swarm", pretty much speaks for itself in terms of the gameplay. You essentially try to shoot and outmaneuver a swarm of enemies in order to survive. The enemies come out from the walls, and the spawn rate increases as the game progresses. The graphics are really simple because I didn't want to spend that much time drawing sprites (and I actually kind of like its retro aesthetic). This is the first game I've made by myself using pure HTML5/Javascript, although I'm not that new to programming overall. So far I haven't spent that much time on this project—part of one day getting the basic gameplay done and then a few more hours over the next couple of days setting up the record storing, polishing the menus, and fixing bugs—and I'm not quite sure where I'll go from here. Some added features and nicer graphics would be good, although I might move on to create something bigger and better instead. Let me know what you guys think since I don't have much previous experience building web apps or programming with graphics in general! You can play the game here: http://git.io/swarm (if you want you can also checkout its GitHub repo here, although there's not much in it) The start screen (end/death screen looks similar): Easy gameplay when run has just started: Medium gameplay as the game get well into the first minute: Very hard gameplay (for me at least) as you approach three minutes: P.S. My personal best as of right now is 3:25.64!