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  1. Ok ill check it out. Thank you! Edit: I tried it but it didn't work, here is the code. Any ideas on why it didnt work? Thanks! create: function() { game.time.events.add(Phaser.Timer.SECOND * 2, destroy, this);}, destroy: function() {splash.destroy(); },
  2. Hi, quick question. Once the game loads, is there a way in which a sprite is automatically displayed, and then deleted after 5 seconds for example. Is this possible to implement?
  3. Hi everyone, in my game I am attempting to get some background music to play, and the code looks like this: this.theme = this.game.add.audio('theme');this.theme.volume = 0.3;this.theme.play(); The music plays, however whilst it is playing, the music starts playing from the beginning while the music is playing. This continues occurring, until there is 10 themes playing at the same time, 10s or something behind each other. How can i fix this?