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  1. Sorry, i Cant find any '.scalingDeterminant' properties. Do you mean MaxNode, unskinnedMesh or the babylonMesh?
  2. Ok, i will give it a try, if you will guide me a little bit. So i have to : 1) rotate all points around x axis math.Pi 2) invert the order of all faces What about the texture maps? If you would like to assist me with some code fragments, this would be very nice, because I am relatively new to this kind of stuff...
  3. the updated version of the exporter would be my favorite too. When do you think, you could have a look on that item, and when can I expect an updated version of the exporter?
  4. I have attached the max file and the exported output in my zip file. I cant imagine how to create a useful playground, because it would contain the false exported objects (see mirror_error.babylon)
  5. Identifying should be no problem. I have found a test for negative parity of the TM in max samples. But could you give me some more information or sample code on how to do the 'counter rotation', please. I guess, I must apply them to the texture vertices as well?
  6. Hello, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately we are forced to export the scenes as they are (without modifying them by hand). Some of them are quite big... The IGameExporter from the 3DSMaxSdk / samples is able to handle the mirrored objects, at least in 3DSMAX coordinate system. I know that we have D3D on babylon export, but all objects export fine, even the rotated ones. (Export Quaternions == true). Only the mirrored are not correct. Any hints on how i must 'transform' vertices / positions to make things look the same way as in max / renderings?
  7. Hi, when I try to export an object, that was cloned from another object with the max 'mirror tool', the cloned object is not exported correctly. It seems that max is flipping the axis in the objects TM which will cause strange effects during export. I attach a simple max scene with a box (left) and a cloned box (right) (using the mirror command). As you can see the rendering is ok, but the babylon export fails. What can i do to resolve this issue? Regards Andre mirror_error.zip
  8. Ok, that fixes the wrong orientation. Are there problems with the default / initialization? Before I opened the Babylon option dialog, the exports was incorrect. In the open dialog the option was checked (as it was the default) After closing the dialog, without changing anything, the export was correct. Turning of the option leads to an wrong export. So: before opening the dialog at least one time, the export is not correct. may be opening and closing the dialog initializes the settings?
  9. Hi, I created a very basic scene the reproduces the error, that objects, that were rotated in 3dsmax do not export in the wright orientation to babylon. Could this please be fixed? BabylonExportError.zip BabylonExportError.zip