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  1. I got the latest babylon.js preview release build from git, and it seems like the statistics window from the debug layer is partially hidden. I tried it both in Chrome and Firefox. It doesn't happen with the stable 2.2 version.
  2. Wow, you are right! The issue only occurs in Chrome, while in Firefox and IE it works perfectly More specifically, I managed to extract a 6144x3456px (55.4MB) image in Firefox, which is pretty good quality and I definitely can work with that. So is this some Chrome image limitation issue?
  3. Hello everyone! I have this pretty big scene, heavy on polygons and textures, and I need to make a screenshot in high quality. I'm using Tools.CreateScreenshot method, explained in this tutorial, which works well for small/medium size (I've managed to extract an image up to 1344x756px, of 1.48MB), but when I try to extract a bigger image, nothing happens at all, no matter how long I wait. I also tried this playground I found in this topic, and with this scene I can extract images of 5000x5000px. So does this happen to my scene because it's too big? Any ideas to make it work? Thank you
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