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  1. Isn't this just Don't Touch the Spikes? Also the places you can and can't touch aren't overly well defined. Other than that it's pretty quality.
  2. Hello! I'm a 13 year old game developer from England and I really wanna make a game. I don't have too many ideas for one right now but I can program in HTML5. I've been programming for about 4 years and I think I'm pretty good at it. Also I'm terrible at finishing projects to keep that in mind. Oh yeah: I'm also home-schooled so I have a fair amount of free time. Here's my website: http://jaaay.net/ and here's my Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaaaaaaaaay__ Also I am looking for someone around my age.
  3. Could I do something along the lines of PIXI.Sprite.fromImage.call(this, ...) ?
  4. Oh, sorry! Here it is: cargle.Card = function() { PIXI.Sprite.call(this, new PIXI.Texture(new PIXI.BaseTexture("assets/sprites/card/card_back.png", PIXI.SCALE_MODES.NEAREST))); this.scale.x = 3; this.scale.y = 3; this.position.x = 50; cargle.stage.addChild(this); };
  5. I'm having trouble making a constructor from my game. Whenever I try to use PIXI.Sprite.call and change any of the properties it errors saying whatever I tried to change isn't defined! Please help!
  6. I was trying to make it so that you could create an object like this: foo = new TestObject("bar", 0, 0, 1, 1, "assets/sprites/test.png");
  7. Hello! I know this is probably a dumb question but I am quite new to PIXI. I was wondering if you could do something like this with PIXI: function Object(name, x, y, scale_x, scale_y, image_path) { this = PIXI.loader.add(this.name, image_path).load(function(loader, resources) { /* The initialization code. */ }); } I know that wouldn't work but is there anything like that?
  8. ___________

    Learning Phaser

    I'm a programmer and I decided to learn how to use Phaser and I'm looking for some tutorials. I already know how to use Vanilla JavaScript. Thanks in advance!