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  1. Live Texture Updater plugin generates images from a PSD as you make changes based on layer/group naming. The plugin also has a WebSocket server that sends to the client the name of the images that change. There is a small piece of JavaScript code that receives the WebSocket messages and updates the Pixi.js textures in real time. This gives you a cool workflow of live designing textures (or having your designer do it with out touching code) on desktop or mobile with Pixi.js. Here is the blog post plus videos showing it off:
  2. I created a Photoshop CC plugin that allows you to export the layers and groups in your PSD file to specific locations, as well as send a WebSocket message to your client code of the changed files. With the extra bit of client JavaScript code I provide this allows for updating of textures in your Pixi.js or three.js (other frameworks would be easy to add) in real time. Check out some videos showing it off here:
  3. For those times you have existing ActionScript code and want to try it on WebGL. Currently works best with Starling based games. Here is a demo: Summary is using Randori Compiler, KontikiJS, and Starling you can take your games to WebGL / HTML5. Its basically like a TypeScript type workflow but in ActionScript. KontikiJS – Randori Compiler (my fork) – Randori SDK – Starling-Framework (my fork with minor changes) – HungryHero AS3 Sample Code – More info here: In theory if you have AS3 game frameworks you could conceivably create JavaScript versions with this process. All outputted code is very readable and easy to edit. Since its compiled if you have all source it will only compile what you need, then with closure and min you get a pretty compact JS version of your game and framework code.
  4. I guess that hits the nail on the head for me too, all these cool tech demos but nobody addressing the unified WebGL issue. Like you say.. One day ... one day
  5. Citadel is a iphone app demo, based on OpenGL ES 2 which is why they Epic could port it to Flash Stage3D and WebGL so easily. So there is no reason it can't run on mobile browsers. Only consideration is mobile ram and how much of the WebGL on mobile browsers is implemented, of course the bigger issue would not be WebGL but the JS speed on the mobile browser.
  6. Yeah i should have mentioned i was thinking of WebGL for desktop and marketability as companies are exploring that now. As for mobile the reach is better as WebGL is on newer chipsets and less driver issues, and as the browsers work out implementations it is where ppl will explore to get around app stores. Might not see the same performance as running a "desktop" version of Citadel. Having said that Citadel was a mobile demo game anyway so from a tech stand point if mobile browsers don't limited WebGL in any particular way it should be doable. How does caching hundreds of MBs work on mobile browsers? Can devs use local storage on the mobile HTML5 side?
  7. 60Mb seems like a lot, but what I have seen other companies of AAA games do is optimize it so it starts users with about 5-10Mb and loads the rest as needed, up to a couple hundred MBs. Browsers need to get better caching APIs where the developer can control it or ask for more space (which there are working on). The biggest factor here is market though if you are after the PC gamer market it will last as long as the PCs are relevant for gaming which is years to come. It will be interesting to see if WebGL is used for full games or for trials or subset of the games to drive PC versions of the games. But either case is still niche not because of the tech but because of the reach. Cool tech demo but yet to see how it plays out in the mass market.
  8. Chris yeah, just the browser reach has a way to go. But once that is up there is still other considerations that people don't discuss much, for example graphic drivers. Another good link for some subjective WebGL API availability or commonly used API's in connection with WebGL is (which shows a more rosy picture then the 31% of browsers support WebGL)
  9. With all the WebGL news of late I thought it was a good idea to discuss the current state of WebGL's reach. It's not just about browser vender support. Don't get me wrong I think WebGL is progressing fast and will allow for great 3D content on the web. It will evolve and understanding how it will evolve can help you make choices or help drive WebGL awareness. The other major factor for WebGL that I think is not discussed much is the graphic driver support in the browsers that do support WebGL. Take a look at the blacklist/whitelist wiki page for WebGL here: Current driver support: Chrome >2009 Firefox >2010 Just take those numbers actually limits a lot of laptop and pc's from running WebGL content. Of course the driver support will get better but its not as simple as just time to go back to older drivers. Your thoughts on WebGL reach? Here is the full article here:
  10. I am trying out a contest to help people learn simple game workflow concepts, from creating of assets to rendering them on screen. In the first contest I am asking people to create a video of how they create and render an 8 way character animation. Here is an example of what I am talking about using Adobe Illustrator and pixi.js: For the full details of the contest check it out here:
  11. Thanks for the game links, thats the stuff I was looking for. As for Emscripten, I would say for the short term larger 3D title games on the web ,regardless of what tech, will be using some kind of C/C++ to web technology. The main driver is the fact that studios have big database of old games that fit well to the openGL ES 2.0 constraints of the current web 3D abilities. I also agree on the monitization current landscape in keeping some larger 3D projects at bay. I love how most of the games have glitches (screen flickering, mouse controls off) for me on Firefox 19 on a MacBook Pro. Do most of you guys use Chrome to test 3D games?
  12. I know AAA is a overused word. But what I mean by this term is any decent sized game that has good looking textures and good game play. For example the Banana Bread Demo by firefox team: Banana Bread Demo Are there other full games that are use webgl along the lines of Banana Bread? Renaun