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  1. I've made a Pixi.js audio (html5) player for our website. It's live, far better than what we had.
  2. Thanks for the input, I saw this thread which lead me to this result. function drive_camera(axis){ var move_direction = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformNormal(axis, freeCamera.getWorldMatrix()); freeCamera.cameraDirection = move_direction } Where axis is a variation of BABYLON.Vector3(1, 0, 0); depending on the button clicked/mousedown (WASD)
  3. I've been scratching my head a bit on this and feel it should be much easier than it is turning out to be. I have a freeCamera in a scene which can be controlled with WASD. What I also have is a UI with the WASD keys which light up when the user presses those keys. Lastly I'm trying to have those keys mousedown to also move the free camera in the same way they keys do. What I've been trying to work with is something along the lines of case: "forward"freeCamera.cameraDirection += BABYLON.Vector3.Cross(freeCamera.position,freeCamera.rotation) * speed;break;case: "back"freeCamera.cameraDirection -= BABYLON.Vector3.Cross(freeCamera.position,freeCamera.rotation) * speed;break; And about 50 variations of that. I started out with simply assigning each key to an axis and moving along it, which is all well and good until you rotate the camera.
  4. Even better is mesh.subMeshes[1].materialIndex = 1
  5. I worked it out, Typically just after posting. I was close. mesh.material = mesh.material.subMaterials[3];
  6. Hi all I have a computer model in 3ds max, with the screen having a material id of 1. After 30 frames this swaps to material id 2, then 3 and so on. Creates a slideshow effect on the computer screen. All well and good, but I see this is not exported to babylonjs and thus I'd say not supported. My assumption for replicating this, is to swap out the texture map on the submesh in babylonjs?? How would I achieve this. I have the 3 screens as jpg's and also can see the submeseh in the babylon mesh object. I can also see all 4 of the sub materials are exported. My feeble attempt was something along the lines of mesh.subMeshes[0].diffuseTexture = mesh.material.subMaterials[3];I had a look at multisub objects and this, but I couldn't make light of it for my needs.
  7. Sorry no can do on the .max. NDA's etc. I did manage to figure it out however. It was skipping/ignoring instanced/referenced objects... So I went through the scene and made clones of all instanced objects and then they exported ! yay..
  8. Hi Guys, Been hunting around for a solution but have failed. Im trying to export a model from 3ds Max(2016) which has about 200 meshes. But even just doing 10 at a time, when I use the exporter, only say 6 will be exported. If I select 6 only 4 get exported... I suspect Ive missed something, but ive been stuck on this for some time now. I had gotten around it by exporting to FBX to blender, but that was giving me other issues wtih textures&animations. Cheers.