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  1. Thanks! I just tested it and in the Resources tab(Dev Tools) only the OGG was loaded even though the WAV was also passed in the array. Didn't thought about checking that earlier. However, I won't risk with using MP3. Not after reading the link provided by AshleyScirra:
  2. Phaser allows us to pass an array of URIs for audio. Supposedly I pass an OGG and a WAV in a preload state, does that mean both of the files will be loaded regardless of what formats the browser supports? I'm wondering should I pass both or just the WAV because all the browser support it.
  3. See this thread. A user has posted a link to a site which explains why it's not a good idea to use mp3.
  4. Here's the problem. When player overlaps with an item from the group 'Items', the item should change its texture to a spritesheet animation. To indicate the item has been taken. However when the player takes 1 item, the rest(some or even most) change textures. And they don't meet the overlap condition. game.physics.arcade.overlap(player, items, transformItem, null, this); transformItem: function(p, i) { i.loadTexture('sparkle', 0); i.animations.add('effect'); i.animations.play('effect', 30, false); i.kill(); }; So I tried this to restore the item
  5. Anyway to rotate the lightBeam filter? Change its position? I tried to meddle with the source file(LightBeam.js) but no luck. I don't know how the laser follows the sin pattern. There's a string array fragmentSrc with the function for the laser but the array itself is not used. How does that work then?
  6. Have a look at this example. Why does arc not work with events.onInputDown? Just curious, I can work around it.
  7. I've added Mouse and Tap support! Now you can drink water directly from the tap! How cool is that? Use the usual link in the top comment. And Happy Holidays! ​
  8. Yup! I figured as much. I'm thinking about tap support as well - for tablets.
  9. Pretty darn cool! But I must admit that these types of racers are really hard. Especially when the tracks are small and you have to make turns each second. Did you use the Isometric Phaser plugin?
  10. I had to wait more than 30-45 seconds. But this game looks great! Swaying trees, clouds! And the music is great. Where did you get the textures from?
  11. Use Up, Down and Space. I'll have to add mouse support. Even my folks complained that nothing happens when they click around.
  12. The movement has too much drag to it but the game is cool. I like the music.
  13. Bower is a package manager. You use it to find and download different packages(APIs - like Phaser). Once downloaded, the package goes in a folder bower_components/<the api>. Besides that, Bower creates a JSON file with dependencies. That's just a list of all the packages you've downloaded. The biggest(and only) advantage I can think of is that you can send your project with just the dependencies JSON file to someone. And if he has Bower installed, he can easily fetch the APIs needed for the project. No need for you to send them, or for him to find them himself.
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