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  1. If you plan on keeping it free you could put the code on github and publish this editor on github pages. I tried posting this link on twitter but it denied it saying that it looks like spam. Also if you make it open source there is a big chance community will join in in it's development.
  2. I does work, it was my mistake... Sorry for that.
  3. Try this var BasicObject = function(game){, game); this.container = null; this.sprite = null; this.timer = 100; console.log("BasicObject Created!");}BasicObject.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Group.prototype);BasicObject.prototype.constructor = BasicObject;BasicObject.prototype.init = function(posX, posY, rot){ if(this.sprite != null) this.add(this.sprite); this.x = posX; this.y = posY; this.angle = rot;} //====================================================================================//var Hero = function(game){, game); this.init(,, 0); console.log("Hero Created!");}Hero.prototype = Object.create(BasicObject.prototype);Hero.prototype.constructor = Hero;Hero.prototype.init = function(posX, posY, rot){ this.sprite = new Phaser.Sprite(game, 'hero', 0, 0, 3);, posX, posY, rot);}//====================================================================================//function create(){ var hero = new Hero(game); }
  4. Was this bug resolved? Still when I change group scale factor it's children stay unaffected. If I change scale factor for every child in a group I get the desired effect. It would be so much cleaner and easier if this worked.
  5. I have the same thing happening to me... I have large spritesheet 4096x4096px with sprite size of 301x155px. The first time I load any animation it does not show most of the frames at the beginning (~85% is a good estimate) and it shows last couple of frames at the end. After that all other animations from that spritesheet play smoothly. I am trying to load single sprite at the beginning to force it to load spritesheet in the memory but think that is not the best solution