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  1. Hey rich, Thanks alot for your feedback, I really appreciate you playing the game and I am glad that you enjoyed it! I have never designed levels before so I will keep the pacing in mind next time :). Richard
  2. Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the game :D. Yeah I should put more thought into the loading screen really :P. Richard
  3. Wow this is really great! I am getting some bad lag in New Zealand though :(. Keep it up man, the way the game is looks feels pretty polished! I have always been curious about making a multiplayer game with a Node back end. So it's interesting to read about what you have used to make this work.
  4. Really nice game! I like the concept, it's simple & enjoyable :D.
  5. Hello everyone, Tank is a puzzle game that my friend Ahmad and I have created in Phaser. The basic concept of the game is that you are a concrete tank in an arena which is surrounded by moving targets which you must shoot to lower the gates that block the portal. When you shoot a target it will stop moving and shoot back at you. This will make the arena much more difficult to navigate and force you to dodge the projectiles that are coming from the targets in order to get to the portal and progress to the next level. The game has 15 levels and a back end Rails API for keeping track of global statistics which I am then displaying on the website in a table using React. Have a play and let me know your thoughts! Richard
  6. Nice game! Congratulations on getting it greenlit!
  7. Hey! Great plugin, I am very excited to use it!
  8. Hey bro, Just adding that you can pass params to the callback function like this as well,, sprite2, function, null, { this: this, var1: "Var1", var2: "Var2" }); Then inside the function console.log(this.var1); Hope this helps .
  9. Reinkaos

    Interphase is out!

    Hey Rich! I have just got into the book today and I am very excited . I have played with Phaser quite a bit in the past and I am looking forward to learning more about what it can do . Thanks again! Richard