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  1. Dear game creators and indie developers, At Super Game Asset we have create a new type of prototype game map, now everyone can try their game designs or game engine with high quality prototype game map with lesser time and effort. The Prototype beginner village map can be used to demonstrate game engine, test game design, pitch a game idea, and appear absolutely beautiful. Prototype Beginner Village Map details • Isometric game maps in 5K resolution details • Full PSD file layer provided, allow designer to edit and reshape the map • Contains all buildings, trees, environment props in separate layers. Download PSD file link
  2. Yes the hand painted RPG maps all have Photoshop layered files, buildings, trees and other prop items are on separate layers so you can place them anywhere.
  3. All 2D Game Assets at Super Game Asset will be reduced upto 50% OFF for the holiday season. This limited time offer include game icons, game environments, game maps, character sprites and more will be reduced in price for this holiday season. This limited offer if available between 5th of December 2015 until 31st of January 2016. Visit www.supergameasset.com for the 2D game asset sale
  4. Also check character sprites in Super Game Asset