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  1. ARCATRIS² 'Tetris on Steroids' ARCATRIS² is a fast-paced, colorful Tetris-like game that features a hot soundtrack and gorgeous visual effects -the perfect casual game to spend your excess time with It's actually my first Pixi game ever (although I've been creating games for many years). I just wanted to give it a try -and immediately liked it (besides the frustrating lag of documentation). I think the game is quite addictive and entertaining. You can try to compete with the top 100 players (the list is quite empty yet, so it should be easy to gain a nice ranking) I even added a feature to record and replay games (which is used to provide the "demo mode" in the game), but I decided not to make the game record mode available to the player because it has a disadvantage: key repeat can't be used while recording (only single key presses), which is a show-stopper if you want to enjoy fast-paced gameplay. Therefore it is used to record the demo gameplay in the game (yeah, watch me play). GAME FEATURES: TOP 100 LEADERBORD (FEEL FREE TO FILL IT!)FAST-PACED GAMEPLAYTOUCH & KEYBOARD CONTROLHOT SOUNDTRACK & FXBLAZING EFFECTSVARIOUS BRICK STYLESCLASSIC & ADVANCED BRICK SHAPESDEMO MODUS (REPLAYS A SAVED GAME)PERSISTENT GAME SETTINGS (COOKIE)VISUAL BRICK DROP GUIDEPFFF... SOME MORE... ETC... VIDEO: https://youtu.be/9PxLIBIv4W8 PLAY: http://mike-vom-mars.com/games/arcatris/ FEEDBACK: Just let me know if you found a bug or if you are missing a funny feature. The game is quite extendable, so I'll keep extending it whenever I have the time to do so.
  2. So I assume the method I posted above should work. I can't see any reason why this would cause any interference. And do we have to destroy every single object manually or would it be enough to destroy the parent group only? Does Pixi automatically destroy all of its children then?
  3. I found at least one situation that seems to break the drop shadow filter: If a sprite is placed within a group where .cacheAsBitmap is set to true, drop shadow filter is not rendered when applied to a children.
  4. I managed it to get it working now -don't know why though: var shadow = new PIXI.filters.DropShadowFilter(); shadow.blur = 4; shadow.alpha = 1; shadow.distance = 5;Spr = new PIXI.Sprite(PIXI.loader.resources.Sheet1.textures['button.png']);Spr.filters = [shadow];I am not concerned about performance issues since I use the drop shadow effect for title screen buttons only (cosmetics only). In-game I am using sprites for shadows, so they are also visible on non-WebGL platforms, too.
  5. Could this be a synch problem with the internal Pixi render engine that still tries to access objects that already have been removed manually? I found a thread here that described exactly this behaviour in a previous Pixi version. This just happens when I try to manually destroy (nested) objects. If I just unreference them and remove them from stage, everything seems ok -also garbage collection seems to take those objects into account. So I assume it would be also ok NOT to destroy objects manually to clean up and just unreference / unparent them and let the garbage collection do it's thing?
  6. When trying to clean up my stage on game over, I loop through my game object groups and destroy all children inside explicitly. Then I destroy the (now empty) groups: cleanGroup(Grp1); // Grp1 is child of Stage groupcleanGroup(Grp2); // Grp2 is child of Stage groupcleanGroup(Grp3), // Grp3 is child of Stage groupcleanGroup(Stage);var cleanGroup = function(Grp) { if (Grp.children) { while (Grp.children.length) Grp.removeChildAt(0).destroy(); } Grp.destroy(); }However, this always gives me a hole bunch of error messages like: this.children is null this.parent is null o is null The error messages are constantly repeating as if it where within a loop anywhere inside the Pixi render enginge. Why is this and how could this be solved? Do I need to destroy my created sprites and groups at all or is it enough just to remove all of my references to them and let the garbage collection do the rest? Would this be reliable?
  7. I really like the simplicity of the loader and to avoid code clustering I would like to use it to preload my sound files, too (I plan to use the Howler sound library for my game). How could this be done? I just need to know if all sounds are loaded completely and ready to use, so the loader would do a good job here -but would howler be able to access them then? Are assets loaded by the PIXI loader put to the browser's cache? If so, would I be able to load a sound file named "laser.wav", for example, and would Howler then be able to automatically grab the loaded sound from the browser's cache instead of loading a second instance?
  8. BTW: How do I change / update a bitmaptext's text? According to the docs, bitmaptexts provide a .setText() method, but it is stated as deprecated. The only hint there reads "see PIXI.BitmapText#text" -which is a broken link and leads to nowhere EDIT: Solved -the console warning said I should use .text = instead. This property is not shown in the docs, however.
  9. Sorry, to be more precise: - Opera Mobile: touch interactions within the game's canvas do not work at all. - UC Mobile: touch interactions within the game's canvas do not work at all. - Android browser: interactions with Pixi objects (buttons) do work, but double-tapping within the game canvas causes page zooming (even with event.preventDefault()). As far as I can see, event.preventDefault() just suppresses the blue overlay rectangle that was shown when touching the game canvas.
  10. So can you see a drop shadow effect in the JSFiddle? I tested this with Firefox, Chrome and UC and none of them shows a drop shadow effect. Opened a bug.
  11. Ah ok, thanks for clarifying this. Inheriting a container's alpha indeed works in JSFiddle but not in my current project. Strange, but I couldn't pin down the cause yet
  12. JSFiddle example -demonstrates the following: DropShadow filter does not work (blur filter does)Tinting a group does not affect its children https://jsfiddle.net/Wanderer777/5goztwcs/2/
  13. Pixi mobile support seems to be quite gappy Opera Mobile: Pixi touch actions do not work at all -but event.preventDefault() suppresses double-tap zooming.UC Mobile browser: Pixi touch actions do not work at all.Android standard browser: Pixi touch actions work, but there is still double-tap zooming.
  14. While I tried to test this this in various mobile browsers, I found that the touch events applied to PIXI objects do not work at all in Opera Mobile on Android.
  15. I'll upload an example today or tomorrow since I am currently busy with a project. But it's simple to verify: Just create a container and a sprite. If you apply any alpha / tint / blendMode to the container and then add the sprite to the container, the sprite does definately NOT inherit the container's alpha / tint / blendMode. You have to apply alpha / tint / blendMode to each sprite individually instead. I did not test adding the sprite FIRST to a container an THEN changing the container properties, but most of the time you create a container and add sprites to it afterwards. It does not seem to be a browser issue -tested with Firefox, Chroma and UC Desktop, does not work in all of them. Using Pixi 3.0.7 WebGL (Win7).