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  1. In version 3+ Render Canvas will remain?
  2. How to use pixi.js copy figures of arbitrary shape with the loaded image in graphics?
  3. And why does PIXI.utils.rgb2hex([255,255,255]) returns -16777471 is 000000?
  4. Want to ask the authors - if you create multiple scenes at once, it does not violate the ideology pixi.js? I'm doing an application in which the page several canvases, each of which is a stage. Do not break this "something inside"? Although I assume this is normal, but still want to ask...
  5. Oh, it's a regular cent
  6. I did. Need completely do the mask on the canvas.
  7. How to do the following - 1) to frame an image with a translucent gradient. 2) read the pixel values from the image, which turned out to be the first step. How such to make? Please write a brief step by step guide. And another important point - the picture and the gradients must not fall into the display list. I managed to make all the individual parts. But can't collect, so as to obtain the pixel color you need to keep the context of the canvas. But can't collect, so as to obtain the pixel color you need to keep the context of the canvas. In the sprite.texture.baseTexture.source returns one of the inverted gradient, kartinki on canvas no.
  8. I have a image, it should not be displayed on the screen. But I need the color values of certain pixels. Exists in pixi analog getPixel from as3? If pixi doesn't exist a worthy counterpart, then the second question is how to translate a color value from a context.getimageData().data in the format 0x00000000, suitable for graphics.beginFill() ?
  9. Then another question - why when the app is initialized run mouseover listener?
  10. The counter counts the number of calls of listeners. And seen as its value increases exponentially. This means that listeners are not removed. Why?
  11. coter

    do not disgrace flash

    You want to say that flash is the same trash ?)) I'm not going to defend flash, but pixi.js not at all like him. I don't want to scold pixi.js. For me it is a tool with which I am forced to work. Here You are defending it, and You work with him? If I ask You a question, You will be able to answer it? Or are You talking about what do not know?
  12. I really love flash. And on this I ask you to remove those words - These words are a disgrace to flash. pixi.js this is nonsense. It has nothing to do with programming. The Creator instead of listening ignores all comments. pixi.js !== flash, pixi.js === trash!
  13. You misunderstood For me it is not difficult to make a point belonging to the circumference. I wanted to learn how to do the validation programmatically. And I did and I even corrected the example, which You changed after. But thanks anyway for You help.
  14. I want to redraw the circle when over it the cursor is
  15. And again new day new problem. On the mousemove event is subscribed circle. Why react the whole stage?
  16. coter

    What is pixi.js?

    A week ago I thought that pixi,js is an alternative to flash. This week I spent writing code at most two hours, rest of the time I'm looking for and rework.Faced with yet another problem (events) I found a topic where someone started a month ago to raise money for the rewriting of events. I it to what... And to what I do or don't understand something, or pixi.js flash will be replaced only after ten years. What's going on?
  17. How to know what is clicked on the child-rect?
  18. Not the topic... Never write - window.addEventListener("resize", mypixiStage.resizeToWindow.bind(mypixiStage)); bind returns a new function. And You will not be able to remove the listener.
  19. Not in comments business. This is a Graphics class for drawing. The closed property, this behavior Graphics.This means that he belongs in the Graphics api. The problem in the source code, not in comments.
  20. Thanks for the help. graphics.currentPath.shape.closed = false;The authors ought to mention it at the docks.
  21. I had to manually create a canvas, draw a line on it, and then shove it into the texture.
  22. Exists in pixi.js analogue Bitmap and BitmapData? Or something on what you can draw a single pixel? I really need to draw an arc.And ask again - there is the possibility to obtain layer canvas Graphics? Or how to draw Graphics on native methods?
  23. On the server you need to add the domain to trusted. Read about CORS -