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  1. Ok so simply by playing with the numbers, I got it to do what I wanted to do. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2FPT1A#158 There are now two variables, alpha, and alpha 2, they both store Math.PI. Outside the renderBeforeeRegister function. Inside the rendereBeforeRegister function, lines 87 and 90. set the planet into orbit with the parameters passed into X Y and Z. I got what I wanted it to do by increasing the number of radians passed into Math.sin & Math.cos: (alpha + 2, or whatever). Going to be struggling for a while to understand this entire line of code, and w
  2. Using a playground scene originating from this post/thread: @wingnut adding another planet: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2FPT1A#157 and I'm trying to figure out how to get the planets to start at different locations along the orbit. I understand how adjusting the x and z parameters inside the planet.position =Vector3 INSIDE the registerBeforeRender adjusts the orbit path itself, making it oblong etc....right now im just sticking with the same circular orbit. I just want the outer green planet to start at a different place, perhaps off to the right. Setting the
  3. Great...it worked as long as I was running it through the server. So is the server is needed because of the procedural texture? I don't think I can run it on github then...still not running the file there, or locally without going through the server...that going to have to find an actual host... Also, kinda silly noob question, but I was looking around github to find where you got that link, in case I needed the other ones...is there a convenient place where you copy and paste it from? It didn't work when i just copied a raw link from within the dist/preview folders
  4. The demo does work on the playground. Just tried it from my local webserver (apache 2 var/www etc). I tried 2 files that I downloaded from the playground: 1 the basic scene with the sphere and plane (the one that first appears default on the playground), and my custom scene with the procedural texture: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KM3TC#20 The first file with the basic scene ran in my browser, but my custom one here did not. Still white screen. Thanks...
  5. Do I still need to include hand, cannon, and oimo files in the <head> of a local document? Or are they integrated into the main babylon.js cdn link? Just noticed the links are no longer on the github page... It's been a bit... Also, when I download the zip for the playground basic scene, then open it up, it renders fine. When I open the following scene with a procedural texture, i just get white screen. ,, *edit*... uploaded to github and it won't run there either. This was the same file from the downloaded zip in the following playground scene...has preview links... hasht
  6. Ah, so this is brand new to me. Will dig in. About time to find better ways to procedurally generate the scene anyway.
  7. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#IVDDJI So this first function going on creates a set of button controls with canvas 2d..the scene should be creating a bunch of randomly generated sphere's in quasi space scene. It was working and I hadn't changed anything..I've been out of this for a while. Anyway so it won't render, and the browser points me to line 13 ( in the playground version as well). My debugging synapses aren't working well right now as I'm trying to get back in gear. buttonControls2.js:13 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'CACHESTRATEGY_DONTCACHE' of undefined
  8. Older thread, but this is how I used the Sound class: Sound.play(), sound.pause(), sound.stop(). http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KZQGPA#1 Does what it needs to. Next step is to try to put the pause on the same button as the play..i think i've got that worked out...and design of course @MackeyK24 @davrous @Nabroski
  9. Ok so I guess I have to get back on the Node train again, and related DB's. Pretty comfortable with all the OOP, but databases were always like, "I'll get to that when I need to get to that". Apparently that's where I'm getting to pretty soon. I think I did something with PHP/mySQL once lol. Who hasn't. Was never particularly anxious about the ability to figure it out when I needed to use it. You can cripple your productivity worrying about all the things there IS to learn..its better to just learn what you need when you need it. I came across something called "Nodegame" that seems pretty pro
  10. OOOk... I got a lot from this, thanks. Lots of stuff I didin't think of. In the space scene, they're supposed to have movement and camera control over 3 axes. (eye roll..skipping directly to the most difficult concept is my specialty). Instead of relocating parent-child groups, simple create new ones and dispose...IF the player goes back a previous direction, they either see a different randomly generated group of elements -- or else I have the object stored in a global array and figure out a way to reference the correct index...Haven't thought that out yet...version 3.0 I"m thinking. A
  11. I'm sorry, I don't really have any code examples, since this is totally new to me. I want to start creating all my babylon scenes with procedurally generated content - I mean elements, not just textures. For example, this space scene with randomly distributed stars.. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1PWCZ8#2 I can render quite a bit less if i just relocate sections as the camera moves forward. I'd rather start with another scene though, something simpler, like a "ground", moving tiles based on position of the camera - in fact putting it that way makes it seem even easier...(its n
  12. Looked through the questions and docs, and I think what I want is a not quite as complex as that. I"m fine with the basic loading screen, and setting the text below it... http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1PWCZ8#1 So the scene renders first and THEN shows the loading screen, then the loading screen doesn't go away. I tried putting in something like... setTimeout(function () { engine.hideLoadingUI(); }, 16); // or 50); but then it didn't show at all...the playground samples I've seen are using an imported mesh and I'm not really doing t
  13. Ok i was just about to post when I found this topic... @Nockawa I'm having trouble making sense of what the margins are doing between these Canvas2D buttons. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#LYEU3#15 Right now I'm trying to vertically space the buttons in grpCenter: U,F,B,D to have a margin of 5 in between, so they're closer. Cam-U and Cam-D i want a bit further away from the center buttons I set marginTop: 5 on F,B, & D. But its putting about 10 in between, if I were to change it to 1 or 2, it still looks like its about 10, like they're all being stretched out or
  14. Ever the pragmatic: With CG, we're simulating. So you have to basically decide what specifics to simulate. Bubbles exist in an atmosphere WITH gravity..they simply have next to zero mass, and are easily carried along by air movement. (Bubblemaking 101 at community college...Can bubbles exist in the vacuum of space? I'm going with no. Got no clue what I'm talking about actually.) So in choosing to simulate the MOVEMENT of bubbles: using the babylon.js physics engine, you create a sphere ...so you can either set the gravity really really really low, or at zero ..and apply impulse
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